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Custody/securities services

ING Bank Slaski S.A. in Poland offers a full range of securities services for domestic and foreign investors by giving them access to Polish and/or over 100 markets worldwide.

ING Bank Śląski offers securities services pursuant to the licence of the Securities and Exchange Commission (at present: Polish Financial Supervision Authority) obtained on 6 March 1997. Since then, we have gained the reputation of being one of the top custodian banks in Poland.

Our services are used by the biggest domestic entities such as mutual and pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers and brokerage houses, but also foreign entities including global custodian banks, investment banks, brokerage companies, remote Warsaw Stock Exchange members, dealers of treasury securities and asset managers.

Leveraging on the experience and best practice gained in Poland and abroad, our professional team of specialists guarantee the highest standard and all-inclusive securities safekeeping and transaction settlement services.

The top level of services we provide is confirmed by a number of professional awards and distinctions, as well as the ISAE 3402 certificate that we hold and that is renewed every year.


Securities account

Securities issued in Poland and in other markets and purchased by the clients, are registered in securities accounts operated by our bank.


The assets kept at our bank:

  • shares quoted on the stock exchange, allotment certificates, dual listed shares
  • T-bonds, T-bills, bills of the National Bank of Poland
  • municipal bonds, corporate bonds
  • investment certificates, futures contracts, options
  • securities issued and traded abroad
  • material securities. 


We ensure that our clients’ assets are safe, among others, thanks to:

  • our direct participation in the central securities depository (Central Securities Depository of Poland) and in the securities register maintained by the National Bank of Poland
  • a network of recognized international correspondents through which we give our clients access to over 100 foreign markets, and
  • our vault to safekeeping securities in the material form, which meets the highest safety requirements of the National Bank of Poland.


Benefits of our offer:

  • safety of the securities kept
  • a wide network of correspondents, and
  • tailor-made solutions adjusted to clients’ needs.


Settlement and portfolio services

ING Bank Śląski settles transactions on securities in accordance to standard local rules and settlement cycles accepted in a given market. Transaction settlements-based payments are made on the settlement day as per the DvP (Delivery versus Payment) rules – contractual settlement. Thanks to cutting edge systems, the settlement process is fully automated.

Apart from the standard instruments of the cash market, we are one of few custodian banks which also settle derivative transactions quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We offer our clients access to the automatic securities lending programme organized by the Central Securities Depository of Poland and to our internal programme of loans made between the clients of our bank. Clients may also use the foreign securities Back-2-Back trade settlements.

As part of portfolio services provision and standard corporate actions handling procedure (dividends, interest or redemptions), our clients may e.g. receive support in obtaining lower rates at source on domestic and foreign securities or use proxy voting services.


Benefits of our offer:

  • safe, reliable and prompt settlements in Polish and foreign markets
  • settlement service of derivatives traded on the stock exchange
  • a wide range of additional, non-standard portfolio services
  • selection of client-tailored solutions and
  • support from professional advisors.


Fund administration – Depositary bank

ING Bank Śląski acts as depositary bank for domestic mutual and pension funds. Its tasks comprise:

  • maintaining a register of the investment funds’ assets
  • net assets (NAV) calculation
  • full data reporting to investment funds and regulators.


Acting as the depositary bank, ING Bank Śląski has rich experience in cooperating with the biggest mutual funds. This experience helps us to widen the range of services and improve our quality. 


Benefits of our offer:

  • safety of assets and settlement processes
  • experience in servicing various classes of local investment funds
  • tailor-made solutions for our clients
  • top service standards ensured by professional advisors
  • quality proved by industry awards.


Value added services

Understanding the diversity of our clients’ needs, we offer them additional services relating to the custody product. These services comprise among others:

  • securities lending programme (automatic CSD loans and on demand)
  • control of the securities portfolio valuation as well as preparation of relevant reports adapted to client’s needs
  • reporting services covering both reporting content and communication solutions
  • tax service within the scope of return of overpaid tax under the double taxation treaties as well as applying for tax relief at source
  • possibility to use liquidity projections
  • access to currency exchange service when investing in securities issued and purchased abroad.


Benefits of our offer:

  • a wide range of additional services and client-tailored solutions
  • comprehensive reporting
  • solutions ensuring settlement liquidity or
  • highest service standards and support from professional advisors.


Other portfolio services

As part of portfolio services, ING Bank Śląski guarantees that clients are provided with information about events on securities registered in their accounts. Daily monitoring of events taking place on the domestic and foreign markets enables our bank to provide reliable and timely information service related to the assets held in custody at ING Bank.


Within the scope of corporate actions, we offer among others:

  • proxy voting service
  • income collection service (dividends, bond coupon or debt securities redemption)
  • handling of new issue subscriptions with the use of pre-emptive rights. 


Benefits of our offer:

  • full range of portfolio services
  • professional support related to payment from benefits of securities.

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