Excess cash solutions


When your company has excess liquidity and is interested in investing this liquidity in the short-, medium-, or long-term future, ING Wholesale Banking can assist you.

Valuefinders - A quantitative approach to your financial supply chain


As a corporate treasurer, you develop strategies to optimize your Financial Supply Chain. As supply chains grow longer ‘Purchase to Pay’ and ‘Order to Cash’ processes become increasingly complex. With quantified insights on how potential optimizations could impact your business performance you will stay a step ahead and make better informed decisions.

Foreign exchange solutions


If dealing in foreign currencies, you are accustomed to fluctuation and risk. ING can maximise your returns and hedge your risks.

Interest rate hedging solutions


Take advantage of interest rate hedging to spread your risk and increase liquidity. ING Wholesale Banking can assist you.

Commodity hedging solutions


Corporations with an exposure to commodities are confronted daily with price uncertainty in the volatile commodity markets. See how ING WB can help.

Inflation hedging solutions


Inflation derivatives help to diversify or manage inflation risks, and so to improve liquidity. ING Wholesale Banking can help with our Inflation hedging solutions.

Credit hedging solutions


Credit hedging products and funding solutions manage credit and fund risks in both developed and emerging markets.

Equity derivative solutions


Equity financing lets you share capital, limit risks, and raise money. ING Wholesale Banking has tailored strategies to help.

Client clearing services


As an experienced SwapClear member with state-of-the-art infrastructure for clearing on the LCH. Clearnet platform (LCH), ING Bank has all capabilities and the track record to support your transaction, clearing and settlement needs.

Global securities finance

Securities finance

The Global Securities Finance (GSF) team has a proven track record of delivering our clients exceptional service, reliability, and "one-stop" security finance solutions.