Sustainable finance

Our sustainable finance team supports sustainable business opportunities within ING Wholesale Banking.

Sustainability improvement loan

Sustainable business presents opportunities for ING to work with clients in their transition towards tomorrow’s economy. Defining this journey together is very exciting. No longer is there only a focus on the financials – the wider cost to society is also being considered. And at ING Wholesale Banking, we are doing our bit to help businesses improve their sustainability performance.

Sustainable investments

By offering a wide variety of products, services and initiatives, ING has been committed to sustainability for over twenty years. We believe that companies addressing climate change and resource scarcity will be the winners of tomorrow's economy. Our strategy is to support you in moving towards more sustainable business models.

Green bonds and Social bonds

By supporting our clients entering the green bond market and issuing green bonds in alignment with best practice, ING aims to accelerate the development of the market, demonstrate the financial viability of green investments and empower a low-carbon and self-reliant society.