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Infrastructure financing

Good infrastructure can underpin economic development and prosperity, but the continuing need for infrastructure investment places huge demands on financial markets. Due to their essential purpose, infrastructure assets generally need to be structured to an investment grade level, hedged against macroeconomic risks and often regulated or licensed in some form. ING Wholesale Banking (WB) can create clarity and be your beacon in the complex world of infrastructure.

The ING WB Infrastructure Finance (IF) team is a multi-product business, covering the full spectrum of infrastructure activity, from Greenfield project financing to acquisitions, refinancings, whole business securitisation, restructuring and advisory work. The team serves a variety of clients including utilities, construction companies, specialist operators and funds. The team’s specialist industry knowledge serves as a valuable risk mitigation and marketing tool. Furthermore, in support of WB’s sustainability agenda, we target projects aimed at tackling environmental problems and delivering tangible long-term social value. All of our projects undergo rigorous assessments for their environmental and social impacts.

In a rapidly growing and evolving global infrastructure market, the IF team has to ensure that resources are focused on the right clients and deals. As a financial business partner, ING WB will analyse each opportunity and ensure the right structure is proposed. You can profit directly from our expertise and expansive network, so why not find out how we can assist you.

  • Multi-product expertise to cover the full scope of infrastructure activity
  • Specialist industry knowledge as a valuable risk mitigation and marketing tool
  • Projects in support of a sustainability agenda
  • Benefit directly from our expertise and network

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Structured Finance Event

8 Nov

The Structured Finance Event is the perfect opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience related to modern finance. The topics vary from stakeholders’ equity to confidential loans.

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Public-private partnerships and the $90 trillion infrastructure need

April, 2017

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, from 2015 to 2030, global demand for new infrastructure could amount to more than $90 trillion. But who is going to fund these new projects? Read this 'Bondbyer' article by Willem Sutherland, managing director, head of infrastructure finance, ING US.

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Low interest rates boon for infrastructure investments

April, 2016

The prevailing low interest rate environment is a boon for investments in infrastructure projects as they are benefiting from competitive funding and lower financing costs. However, financing costs are just one aspect of infrastructure investments so investors must also look at the internal rate of return (IRR) when evaluating infrastructure projects, explains Erwin Maspolim, ING, in an interview with The Asset.

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ING Brazil 2014 Latin America Bank of the Year

January, 2015

ING Brazil has been awarded ‘2014 Latin America Bank of the Year’ by Infrastructure Investor magazine for the Carioca FPSO deal.

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ING Brazil 2014 Latin America Bank of the Year

January, 2015

ING Brazil has been awarded ‘2014 Latin America Bank of the Year’ by Infrastructure Investor magazine for the Etesco Drilling deal.

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