A joint responsibility

Online security

Internet banking is a great success, but this success also has a downside: criminals are increasingly targeting internet banking and are trying to find methods to break into systems and divert funds.

ING does everything in its power to prevent any misuse of ING’s internet banking services. ING continuously invests in upgrading software and improving security measures. However, secure internet banking is a shared responsibility between you and ING. As a valued bank customer, you are responsible for properly securing your computer and (network) environment against misuse by unauthorised persons.

For this reason, we present a number of important points of attention for improving the security of your environment when working with internet banking and accompanying security tools:



ING regularly updates these pages as well as provides security information within the closed banking environment. Regularly check for updates and always take action based upon the provided information.

Please inform your ING contact as soon as possible when you suspect something is amiss, explaining your concern. With your help our employees can determine whether your internet banking subscription has been misused and block access to prevent further abuse.

Important information

If fraud is detected and in progress, always notify your ING contact immediately. Even if a transfer has already been made, an attempt can be made to block the funds before they disappear.

If your ING contact is not available, please call ING Wholesale Banking, Fraud operations at +31 20 584 7840. If the fraud occurred a while ago, please report the case via e-mail to wb.fraudalert@ing.com.


For more information download our leaflet 'What to do in the event of fraud' (PDF).

Online security

Simple steps to safe internet banking

Getting access to your security details may enable third parties to view your account information and probably use it for illegal purposes. Be aware that protecting your security details is your responsibility.

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Ensuring a safe work environment

Computer viruses and other malicious software e.g. malware and trojans are common and rapidly spreading threats. Software like this can be very harmful to your computer and seriously threatens safe usage of internet banking, other banking applications and personal data.

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ING’s security measures

All of ING's systems are continuously monitored for vulnerabilities and potential breaches (e.g. malware), including security state monitoring (e.g. configuration and patch problems) and monitoring on security breach events.

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