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Corporate fraud

Corporate fraud is on the rise worldwide. While companies are taking significant preventive measures, attacks are becoming more sophisticated.

Fraudsters are clever, well organised and masters in ‘social engineering’. They use deception to manipulate individuals into executing actions, divulging confidential or personal information used for fraudulent activity.

ING regards knowledge – and sharing it with clients – as the bank’s first line of defence. Not only on how to secure your eBanking environment, but also on how to protect yourself from fraud. By learning about the types of scams and countermeasures used to prevent these, your organisation is better prepared to identify and reduce fraud significantly.

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Unfortunately, total protection does not exist, as fraud is linked to the human factor. Nonetheless if you communicate and apply the recommendations within your business, you could reduce the risks considerably by improving awareness amongst all staff, including directors as well as anyone with power of attorney over the company's accounts or the ability to create payment instructions. As awareness fades over time, make sure to periodically repeat this process.

Important information

If fraud is detected and in progress, always notify your ING contact immediately. Even if a transfer has already been made, an attempt can be made to block the funds before they disappear. If your ING contact is not available, please call ING Wholesale Banking, Fraud operations at +31 20 584 7840. If the fraud occurred a while ago, please report the case via e-mail to wb.fraudalert@ing.com.

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How to protect your business from fraud

Protect yourself from fraud by learning about the types of scams and countermeasures used to prevent these.

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What to do in case of fraud or doubt

If internal or external fraud has been established and the fraud is in progress, meaning the payment was made in the last few days, take the next measures.

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ING’s fraud measures

Apart from the preventive measures, like highly secure authentication of users and encryption of data, ING has implemented several monitoring solutions to detect fraud. 

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