Telelink@Isabel is an ING electronic banking platform tailored to your needs. It allows you to execute and process European payments and collections easily and securely, and integrates fully into your accountancy or ERP software as appropriate. Telelink@Isabel can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of the size or complexity of your company.


Benefits for your organisation

  • Manage all your accounts centrally. Using a single solution, you can manage all your accounts - including non-ING accounts – and transactions in almost 20 different European countries
  • Work efficiently, flexibly and professionally. Telelink@Isabel allows you to enter transactions manually or to upload transaction files. Multiple users can share beneficiaries, transactions and account information
  • Choose from a range of products and formats. Telelink@Isabel is a flexible platform that enables you to use local, European (SEPA) and international products and formats. Transactions can be initiated in local and foreign currencies alike
  • Integrate with your ERP or accounting system. If you integrate Telelink@Isabel with your ERP or accounting system, you can directly send transactions to your bank and receive account information
  • Secure your cash. Your security is our concern. For this reason, Telelink@Isabel is secured according to the latest market standards for security
  • View transparent audit trails. Telelink@Isabel provides an audit trail for each transaction. In addition, all authorised transactions are archived in accordance with compliance requirements
  • Work online and offline. The three components: Isabel, Telelink Online and Telelink 6, each providing specific functionalities such as security, international payments, value date scales, missing transaction reports, foreign currencies, savings, investments and loans and more. Telelink Online is an online application, Telelink 6 is software you install locally on all computers that need it.


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