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InsideBusiness Trade

You need convenient, seamless access to your documentary trade and bank guarantee products. At ING Wholesale Banking, we are here to meet your changing needs.

InsideBusiness is our new secure digital banking platform that provides a single point of access to a growing selection of services and products. It is accessible anytime, anywhere, whenever you need it.

InsideBusiness Trade is one of the services in our InsideBusiness suite and gives you complete control of your trade portfolio. With a single point of access, you can securely manage your bank guarantees, collections and letters of credit from one screen. Review your upcoming transactions and save time by adding and issuing new letters of credit and generate clear reports from one platform.

With InsideBusiness Trade you can:

  • create new transactions or use templates or details from previous transactions
  • view the status of all your transactions
  • access your complete transaction history along with their details, messages and documents
  • view trade documents before you approve or reject discrepancies
  • set email alerts to notify people of status changes
  • generate standard or personalised reports
  • manage user profiles and access rights to sensitive information

We will keep you updated about future developments and the availability in your country. Thanks to your feedback, we keep improving InsideBusiness Trade features based on your needs.



How to register

To use InsideBusiness Trade, please contact your local TFS consultant or Sales team at your local ING office. As the experts in this field, our representatives can help you register access our online trade service.

List of Swift compliant characters

The following sets of characters are SWIFT compliant:

  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
  • 0123456789
  • /-?:().,+
  • <Space>, <Backspace>, <Tab>, <CR/LF> (Enter)

Fall back procedure

In case the InsideBusiness Trade application is not available for a longer period of time the following procedure applies:

1. Check the InsideBusiness Trade Message Board on the home page of this web site or call your consultant to have the latest information on the expected duration of the non-availability of the InsideBusiness Trade application.

2. In case the expected non-availability is of longer duration and you have an urgent transaction, it is of course allowed to use the paper-based delivery method. There is no explicit permission needed from your ING account manager to do so. 

3. Please download the form from Application Forms. If any problems occur when downloading or printing the form, our Customer Support Desk is obliged to send you a hard copy of this form by regular mail.

Application Forms

For Dutch clients For Belgian clients


A fully completed and legally and originally signed form should be sent to:

For Dutch clients For Belgian clients

For Letters of Credit and Documentary Collections
ING Documentary Trade
P.O. Box 1441
1000 BK Amsterdam

For Dutch clients, please contact Customer Support Desk InsideBusiness Trade.

For Letters of Credit and Documentary Collections

ING Belgium NV/SA
Trade Finance Services – Documentary Trade
Koningin Fabiolalaan 190
B-9000 Ghent