ING I-Dentity Card and Reader

A personalised physical card and a reader to login and sign in the InsideBusiness applications.

  • The challenge-response solution guarantees secure communication in terms of confidentiality, integrity and authentication.
  • Just put your personal card in the card reader, enter the challenge provided by the ING channel application and apply your secret PIN to generate the access code.
  • The reader supports the Dutch and English language.


Log in to ING InsideBusiness


ING I-Dentity CardReader

In case of emergency

If your ING I-Dentity Card is lost, stolen or if there is any indication of fraudulent abuse, please immediately contact either your Corporate Administrator, the local ING Helpdesk (during office hours) or the Alarm and Communications Centre ING +31(0)88 464 2224 (outside office hours) to block your card. 

ING I-Dentity Card and Reader Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use mToken to log in & sign?

If your company policy allows it, you can use mToken: the sustainable solution on your smartphone with an excellent user experience! You can easily activate it with your card. More information on mToken.

My ING I-Dentity Card is about to expire, how do I get a new one?

Your ING I-Dentity Card is valid for 4 years. From 90 days before the expiry date onwards, you will be notified to replace your old card. You can do this by using your current ING I-Dentity Card to log in to the Card Management Application and request a new card. After receipt of the new ING I-Dentity Card, log in to the Card Management Application again to activate your new card. After this, your new ING I-Dentity Card is active and your old card is automatically revoked. It is that easy!


What to do when my ING I-Dentity Card has expired?

As your current ING I-Dentity Card is no longer active, you cannot use the Card Management Application to request a new card. Instead, you must apply for a new ING I-Dentity Card by contacting your Corporate Administrator or your local ING Helpdesk.

How do I activate my ING I-Dentity Card?

  1. In case you are replacing your existing ING I-Dentity Card via the Card Management Application, you can use your current card to activate your new card here.
        ! In case your current ING I-Dentity Card expired before you’ve activated your new card, please ask your Corporate Administrator to activate or call your local ING Helpdesk.
  2. In case you did not request the ING I-Dentity Card yourself via the Card Management Application:
  • Contact your Corporate Administrator (if applicable) for activation
  • Check the details on the acceptance form (part of the ING I-Dentity Card package that you’ve received) and sign it. Return the form to the address stated on it. You will receive an email as soon as we have activated your ING I-Dentity Card.

How to unlock my ING I-Dentity Card after three sequential unsuccessful PIN entries?

  • Place the ING I-Dentity Card in the card reader. ’Error. PIN blocked’ will appear
  • Press the button ‘Menu’ repeatedly until the display shows ’Generate unblock PIN’
  • Press ’OK’. ‘Unblock Challenge’ will appear, followed by a numeric code
  • Call your local ING Helpdesk and provide the numeric code; they will provide you with the unlock code in return
  • Make sure you are still on the ‘Unblock Challenge’ screen (if your reader timed-out please repeat the steps above to show the ‘Unblock Challenge’ again)
  • Press ‘OK’. ‘Unblock Response’ will appear
  • Enter the unlock code you received from the ING Helpdesk and press ’OK’. ‘Enter New PIN’ will appear
  • Now enter a new PIN and press ’OK’. ‘Confirm New PIN’ will appear
  • Confirm your new PIN and press ’OK’. Your card is now ready to be used again.

How do I change my PIN?

  • Place the ING I-Dentity Card in the reader. ‘Press Login, Sign or Menu’ will appear
  • Press ‘MENU’ two times. ‘> Change PIN’ will appear
  • Press ‘OK’. ‘Enter PIN’ will appear
  • Enter your existing PIN and press ‘OK’. ‘Enter New PIN’ will appear
  • Enter your new PIN and press ‘OK’. ‘Confirm New PIN’ will appear
  • Confirm your new PIN and press ‘OK’.
    Your PIN has now been changed.