ING Trade

Do you regularly call your local dealing room to enquire about exchange or interest rates for your foreign currency and money market transactions? ING Wholesale Banking can substantially simplify your life and that of your financial department, thanks to ING Trade.


By means of a simple internet application, such transactions can be carried out quickly and easily. No more need for an intermediary to execute your orders by phone. It is like having your personal dealing room!


Applications designed to meet your needs

You can link up with the system during local working hours. A straightforward menu offers you the following applications:

  • Buying and selling of currencies
  • Forward exchange contracts and swaps
  • Money market deposits and straight loans.


When you request a price, it is given to you straightaway, allowing you to keep a close track of the market trends throughout the day. If you accept a transaction you will immediately receive confirmation of the transaction. At any moment you can receive an overview of all the transactions you have carried out during the day. Finally, if you wish, you can authorise several people to use ING Trade by giving each of them a specific access (with different transaction limits).