ING Markets Structured Products

Are you looking for investment products that meet your specific situation and requirements? ING Markets Structured Products ( provides several useful tools to help you choose. You can download a detailed description of each investment product and use various tools to compare products. There are many options to help you make the right decision.


Related products

Even when you think you have found the product you need, you may not have seen all comparable options. The Themes and Product Detail pages give you an overview of related products with comparable properties, such as the underlying value, Eusipa category or theme.


Compare products

Structured investment solutions have various comparable properties. If you selected certain products that may be of interest to you, you can compare them on the site. The comparison tool also quickly indicates the difference between products that initially seem the same.


Current fact sheet

You can easily and quickly download, save and print all product properties, including the current price.


Continuous price updates

Financial markets change constantly. Developments are often fast and so prices of investment products fluctuate all the time. Our site shows recent price developments and continuous price information for all products and you don't have to refresh any pages.


Navigate to your product

ING Markets offers a very wide range of structured investment products for various underlying values.


My products

Have you ever been in a situation where you have recently viewed one or more interesting investment products, but you can't find them anymore? The 'My products' option will help you remember.