Changing your phone number

You can change your (mobile) phone number via your programme administrator (it could be that you are the programme administrator yourself).

Your programme administrator can change your phone number via the ING Commercial Card Portal. 

The portal can only be used for the phone number change, if both you and your programme administrator have been set up within the same company.
As soon as your phone number has been changed via the portal, you can continue the installation of the ING Commercial Card app.


If your programme administrator is not able to use the portal for changing your phone number:

  • For ING Corporate Card you can complete the change form in the wizard.

First select the option ‘Modify an existing card’ and fill in the rest of the required data. You can change your phone number under section ‘5. Change other particulars (optional)’ of the form. Please make sure you also fill the mandatory section ‘1. Company information’ and make sure that your programme administrator signs the form under section ‘6 Signature programme administrator (mandatory)’.

  • For ING Businesscard please contact our service center: +31 10 428 3844