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Best Bank for Transaction Services in Western Europe 2020 (Euromoney)
ING awarded four times for Innovators 2020 Awards (Global Finance)
ING Wholesale Banking in

the United Kingdom

ING’s UK Wholesale Banking operations are located in the City of London, at the heart of the UK’s financial district. We are one of over 200 foreign banks based in London that attract the finest financial services professionals. ING Labs, one of our four global innovation labs, is situated in London. The ING Lab creates mutually beneficial partnerships that turn ideas into scalable initiatives. In London we focus on RegTech, PropTech and Financial Markets. Nearly half (43%) of all global foreign exchange trading is executed in London. Our presence in the UK dates back to the founding of Barings Bank in 1762.


“ING Investment UK” and "ING Express Bank PLC UK"

We have become aware of a fraudulent investment being offered via using the name "ING Investments UK".

We wish to make clear that in the UK ING Bank N.V. is a Wholesale Bank only, serving large corporate customers. We do not offer any retail investment products in the UK, we are not affiliated with ING Investments UK, we do not have a relationship with and we do not accept any liability in respect of any funds invested via this site. We are taking this matter seriously and are working with our fraud team and the authorities.

We are also aware that an entity called "ING Express Bank PLC UK" is being used to seek information from potential owners of a deposit alleged to be held by this entity. Please note this entity and the deposit are a fake and we believe this is a scam to obtain personal data.

As these entities are fraudulent, we strongly discourage any customers from giving personal data to or investing any funds with ING Investments UK or ING Express Bank PLC UK.

For more information, please contact our Compliance team via our main switchboard 44 2077671000.


"Our purpose is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. We aim to support our clients globally in achieving their goals, fostering sustainable and innovative solutions to get them ready for tomorrow." - Malgorzata Kolakowska, CEO ING UK & Middle East


Who we are

ING in the UK

  • Significant presence in wholesale banking
  • Our clients include more than 60% of the FTSE 100
  • We are home to more than 700 employees from over 50 nationalities 

UK sector expertise

We are one of the biggest shipping financiers in the UK. Our global shipping portfolio is managed from London, with dedicated shipping teams in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Singapore.

Financial institutions
Our business encompasses advisory, financial markets, lending and payments services that provide our bank and non-bank clients access to ING’s global network. 

Real Estate
Our team of real estate experts help our clients originate, structure and manage their real estate investments. 

Our infrastructure team is a multi-product business, covering the full spectrum of infrastructure activity across EMEA.

We build long-term partnerships with FTSE 100 UK corporates who are looking for a bank that combines creative ideas and solutions with seamless execution. Together with our product specialists, we work on capital allocation and risk parameters, product capabilities and client satisfaction.

UK product expertise

Corporate Finance
We are active in M&A, capital structuring and restructuring with a focus on balance sheet optimisation through integrated financing solutions.

Financial Markets
We provide financial markets access to our clients so they can hedge their risks, attract market funding or seek investment opportunities.

Structured Acquisition Finance
We work with a range of top-tier private equity funds to provide our clients with acquisition financing across several countries.

Syndicated Finance
We operate globally offering a seamless service of risk, decision-making, sales and access to capital markets.  We are consistently ranked as one of the top five of EMEA bookrunners.

Transaction Services
We provide payment, collection and account reporting services for every purpose. We also partner with fintechs to provide seamless account access and payment solutions to multinationals to their accounts wherever they are based. 


Our ambitions in the UK

Our values and culture

Creating a differentiating experience starts with ING’s culture: entrepreneurial, open, collaborative, innovative and energetic. Who we are and how we work are set out in our Orange Code. With integrity above all, the Orange Code is our manifesto describing the values and behaviours that define us and what it means to be ING. Our values are the non-negotiable promises we make to ourselves, partners and clients: we are honest, we are prudent, and we are responsible.

Our sustainability direction

We believe sustainable business is better business and focus on forward-thinking companies that are driving change to become more sustainable. In the UK we have helped clients with Green Bonds and Sustainability Improvement Loans in a number of sectors. In 2019 together with 35 other banks, we signed the Collective Commitment to Climate Action which aligns our portfolios to reflect and finance the low-carbon, climate-resilient economy we need, to limit global warming to well-below 2 degrees Celsius. More on our sustainability policies.

Our innovation direction

We have a knack for turning great ideas into products and services that clients need. Our Innovation Fund invests in and partners with fintechs via ING Ventures, as well as developing our own in-house initiatives using our unique innovation method, PACE. Our four labs in Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Singapore partner with others to bring disruptive ideas to market by combining our knowledge and network with their skills.

Best Bank for Transaction Services in Western Europe 2020 (Euromoney)

July, 2020

Euromoney awarded ING Best Bank for Transaction Services in Western Europe 2020.

ING awarded four times for Innovators 2020 Awards (Global Finance)

May, 2020

Global Finance magazine announced the winners of the Innovators 2020 Awards. ING was awarded four times, including Most Innovative Bank in Western Europe.

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IBOR transition - Frequently asked questions

April, 2020

ING Wholesale Banking made an overview of frequently asked questions (FAQ) for its clients of recent and upcoming developments regarding the transition of interest rate benchmarks.

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Higher fraud risk amid Covid-19

April, 2020

ING regards knowledge of fraud and sharing this information with clients as the first line of defence against fraud.

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ING, DBS and Bank of Communications finance 10 Aldermanbury OBO

February, 2020

ING Bank together with Bank of Communications and DBS Bank has announced that it has completed the financing of 10 Aldermanbury, London, on behalf of a fund managed by J.P. Morgan Asset Management. 10 Aldermanbury is a 324,000 square foot office building located on Gresham Street in the heart of the City of London

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Best Bank for Cash Management in W. Europe 2020 (Global Finance)

January, 2020

Global Finance announced its 20th annual rankings of the World’s Best Treasury & Cash Management Provider 2020 and ING has been awarded as Best Bank for Cash Management in Western Europe.

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Elderly care and housing demand on the rise

May, 2019

The demand for elderly care and housing in the EU is set to rise quickly. The number of people of over 75 will almost double by 2050, increasing from 46 million to 88 million, according to ING’s report 'Elderly care and housing demand in the EU'.

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Brexit options facing UK lawmakers in six graphics

March, 2019

As parliament backs 'indicative votes' on different Brexit options, we take a look at the process, as well as the choices British MPs face, and what they would mean in practice.

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Dutch exporters already feeling the Brexit pinch

February, 2019

Since the Brexit referendum, the growth of Dutch exports of goods to the UK has virtually come to a standstill, while exports of goods to other countries grew by 17%. According to an analysis by ING, the fall of the pound reduced the value of Dutch exports to the UK by nearly €11bn in 2018.

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A trade war is the number 1 risk for global markets

April, 2018

China has retaliated to US plans to impose tariffs on its goods. Stock markets have fallen after this tit-for-tat action. So, where are we and what's likely to happen next? Watch the video.

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Training not tariffs: How to protect US free trade victims

April, 2018

Instead of unleashing a trade war against China and criticising European trade policies, US workers would be better off if Trump adopted European-style labour policies, says ING's economist Raoul Leering.

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Trade Wars: Episode 1 – The Presidential Menace

April, 2018

Four scenarios for how trade wars could unfold and how costly a global trade war would be for major economies - as well as the implications for the US dollar and global risk sentiment.

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Unfair trade: Does President Trump have a point?

April, 2018

According to President Trump, the US trade deficit is the result of unfair trade policies by other countries. In his view, there isn't a level playing field between the US and many of its trading partners. Read ING's analysis.

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Central and Eastern Europe’s FDI proposition: Ready, aim and invest

April, 2018

Despite the recent rise in protectionist sentiment, Eurozone growth is showing some real momentum. Capacity constraints are close to being reached, and if the strong demand for new orders is to be filled, investment will be a necessity. Read the report.

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Italy: Hung parliament complications

March, 2018

Without an outright winner but with a populist twist in parliament, forming a new government will be complicated. Expect tactical positioning by party leaders and clarity about the presidents of the two Houses, before an attempt at a coalition, is made.

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China: Patient on US trade tantrum

March, 2018

The direct impact on China from US steel and aluminium tariffs is likely to be minimal. US trade war? Easy for China.

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Trade war between EU and US, a lose-lose situation

March, 2018

Trade wars are good and easy to win, according to US President Trump, but higher tariffs lead to few winners and many losers. If the current ‘tit for tat’ rhetoric between the US and EU really results in a trade war, neither will walk away scot-free

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Eurozone: Growth party with euro headache

February, 2018

The Eurozone growth story looks to be continuing into January but subdued inflation and rapid euro strengthening mean that the ECB will have to tread carefully when removing monetary stimulus.

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ING Best Bank in the World 2017 (Global Finance)

August, 2017

Global Finance magazine has announced the winners of its World’s Best Global Banks 2017 Awards, where for the first time ever it has named the Best Bank in the World. The winner is ING.

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Dublin, a colourful alternative for Brexit, or not?

September, 2016

“Marking the celebration of the opening of our new London office in the City, more than 100 London based clients joint ING staff last week. I used the opportunity to travel to London as well, followed by a visit to Dublin, mentioned many times as an alternative to (financial) companies to set up their regional offices..." A blog by Jeroen Plag, ING, on a business trip in the UK and Ireland.

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World trade: No revival in sight yet

June, 2016

World trade has failed to outpace world GDP since 2012. Sluggish growth of trade is poised to continue for the coming years. Read our report 'World trade: No strong recovery in sight yet.

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Labour productivity key to sustained growth in Eurozone periphery

March, 2016

Greece, Portugal, Spain and to a lesser extent Italy made significant adjustments to wages and productivity during the euro-crisis to become more competitive. A recent report of ING’s senior economist Bert Colijn examines whether this competitiveness is likely to be maintained now that the economic recovery in most Mediterranean countries has started.

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Products & services in the United Kingdom

Expand your business (0)

Acquisition finance

Undertaking an acquisition can lead to growth and increased share prices. ING Wholesale Banking can help structure and finance your acquisition.

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Mergers and acquisitions

A merger or acquisition is a complex transaction that can yield big growth and profit. ING Wholesale Banking can help facilitate your M&As.

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Monitoring trustee services

As a condition to the approval of a merger or acquisition, you may be required by one or more of the world’s competition authorities to carry out divestments and/or other undertakings to address anti-trust concerns. As part of this process, you may be required to appoint a monitoring trustee to oversee these remedies. In this situation, the input of a monitoring trustee with tried and tested expertise and a track record in anti-trust, M&A and corporate governance procedures is key.

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Finance your business (0)


Hedging risks well can lead to a steady, positive performance of your infrastructure investments. ING Wholesale Banking can help.

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Metals and energy

Structure your metals and energy transactions to maximise returns on investments. ING Wholesale Banking can help.

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Natural resources

ING has a successful track record in assessing particular financing needs and objectives, and to help develop the best strategy for the funding you need.

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Power and utilities

More capital means you can upgrade or transform power and utility operations to better meet strict standards and targets. ING WB can assist.

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Real estate

ING Wholesale Banking attains expert real estate teams committed to providing you best-in-class Real Estate banking services and helping your business meet its financial goals - Read on

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Telecom, media and technology

Structure your telecom, media and technology transactions to maximise returns on investments. ING Wholesale Banking can help – Read on to learn how.

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Transportation financing

ING's expertise in all facets of transportation finance, combined with our advice and financial product offering, will set your company on the right track.

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Food and agribusiness financing

ING’s Food, Beverage, & Agribusiness Group serves clients across the entire value chain including animal feed, beef, swine and poultry production and processing, beverages, branded food products, dairy, distribution, ethanol and biodiesel, fiber, fruits and vegetables, grain storage and processing, packaging, restaurants, retail, seafood, sugar, timber, and transportation.

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Debt capital markets

Increase your capital and broaden your funding solutions by appealing to the debt capital market. ING Wholesale Banking can leverage its global knowledge of the financial and debt markets to prudently advise your institution on the most suitable financing options to efficiently and wisely increase your liquidity.

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Corporate lending

Loans give you extra financial backing to realise major investments. ING Wholesale Banking can swiftly arrange the lending.

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Sustainable investments

By offering a wide variety of products, services and initiatives, ING has been committed to sustainability for over twenty years. We believe that companies addressing climate change and resource scarcity will be the winners of tomorrow's economy. Our strategy is to support you in moving towards more sustainable business models.

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Trade and commodities finance

Trade and commodity investing can diversify and stabilise your portfolio to ensure long-term positive gains. ING Wholesale Banking can be of assistance.

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Structured export finance

Secure your assets through long-term structured export financing. ING WB will help mitigate your risks and structure your investments.

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Trade receivables finance

Increase your liquidity swiftly through trade receivables financing. ING Wholesale Banking can help you structure your transactions.

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Supply chain finance

Ensure a smooth operational supply chain through sound financing from origin to destination. Let ING Wholesale Banking smooth your supply chain.

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Factoring offers a quick way to increase your cash flow and enhance your financing flexibility. As market leader ING can help, learn how.

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Manage your risks and assets (0)

Excess cash solutions

When your company has excess liquidity and is interested in investing this liquidity in the short-, medium-, or long-term future, ING Wholesale Banking can assist you.

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Foreign exchange solutions

If dealing in foreign currencies, you are accustomed to fluctuation and risk. ING can maximise your returns and hedge your exchange risks.

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Interest rate hedging solutions

Take advantage of interest rate hedging to spread your interest rate risk and increase liquidity. ING Wholesale Banking can assist you.

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Commodity hedging solutions

Corporations with an exposure to commodities are confronted daily with price uncertainty in the volatile commodity markets. See how ING WB can help.

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Inflation hedging solutions

Inflation derivatives help to diversify or manage inflation risks, and so to improve liquidity. The inflation hedging solutions from ING Wholesale Banking can help your inflation risk.

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Credit hedging solutions

Credit hedging products and funding solutions manage credit and fund risks in both developed and emerging markets. FX or credit risk derivatives, intercompany financing, and other hedging options, are a few of the potential solutions we provide.

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Equity derivative solutions

Equity financing lets you share capital, limit risks, and raise money. ING Wholesale Banking has tailored strategies to help.

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Global securities finance

The Global Securities Finance (GSF) team has a proven track record of delivering our clients exceptional service, reliability, and 'one-stop' security finance solutions.

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FM risk analytics

Do not hesitate to contact us, as we would be more than happy to help you with your risk management in financial markets; it’s a risk free approach!

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Service your operational needs (0)

Payments and collections

Whether your payments and collections are domestic or international and across borders, urgent or non-urgent, ING has the presence and proficiency your institution needs to swiftly execute your transactions.

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Liquidity and cash management solutions

As an international company, you know how complicated cash management can be. ING can help manage your risks and payments by ensuring your liquidity remains at optimal levels.

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Payment factory

Simplifying the number of transactions will save your bank or company time and money. The ING Payment Factory does that for you.

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Trade Finance, LCs, documentary collections and guarantees

Gain extra assurance and protection in your international trade transactions with letters of credit, collections, and (bank) guarantees. ING WB can help.

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