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The only English speaking country in the Eurozone, Ireland has become a key location from which international businesses serve global markets. Although materially impacted by the financial crisis in 2008/09, determined policy efforts have boosted confidence and underpinned the robust, broad-based economic recovery now underway. In addition to its sizeable domestic corporate sector centred on the food & beverage and agriculture industries, Ireland has become a key beneficiary of US foreign direct investment.

The country is home to the European headquarters of a significant number of US corporations with more than 1,100 international companies present overall. With a skilled and culturally diverse workforce, Ireland has proven to be a successful gateway to reaching more than 500 million consumers within the European market.

Established in 1989, ING Ireland operates as a branch of ING Bank N.V. In providing one of the strongest Wholesale Banking (‘WB’) product suites available to the European market, ING WB Ireland has an established footprint within the domestic and international corporate sector. Through our Dublin office we can unlock the potential of ING international network, offering a full suite of corporate banking products including:

  • Corporate and structured lending
  • Payments and cash management
  • Corporate credit cards
  • Trade financial services
  • Working capital solutions
  • Financial markets
  • M&A advisory
  • Debt capital markets

At ING, our purpose is to be relevant and add value to your business, operating at the heart of your financial processes while developing solutions fit for the challenges your business faces today and into the future. To unlock the international potential of your business from Ireland, contact ING’s Client Coverage team.

  • Internationally focussed economy which is frequently voted one of the best countries in which to do business
  • ING has a long established presence in Ireland, with dedicated relationship managers committed to meeting your international banking requirements
  • Access to a strong international network, particularly in the Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe, and Asia 

ING Best Bank in the World 2017 (Global Finance)

August, 2017

Global Finance magazine has announced the winners of its World’s Best Global Banks 2017 Awards, where for the first time ever it has named the Best Bank in the World. The winner is ING.

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ING Best Bank in Western Europe 2017

March, 2017

Global Finance magazine has announced its 24th annual awards for the World’s Best Banks. In the Western European region, ING has been selected as the Best Bank in Western Europe 2017 overall, as well as Best Bank in Belgium.

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Nothing’s fundamentally changed for the pound, despite that Brexit speech

January, 2017

Sterling will continue to be vulnerable in 2017, according to ING’s head of FX Chris Turner. On 17 January, British PM May outlined her priorities for negotiating Britain’s exit from the EU. Sterling rose against the euro and the dollar following her speech.

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ING Global Bank of the Year 2016 (The Banker)

December, 2016

ING has been awarded as the best bank in the world. This year, ING even won a total of four awards at ‘The Banker’s’ Best Bank Awards 2016. Besides Global Bank of the Year, ING was named Best Bank of the year 2016 in the Netherlands, in Belgium, and in Western Europe.

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Trump is hired? Here’s our FX outlook

November, 2016

Republican candidate Donald Trump is the US President-elect. His party has also regained control of both the House and the Senate, effectively a ‘Trump clean sweep’. What does this mean for global currencies? Here’s what we think might happen next.

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Dublin, a colourful alternative for Brexit, or not?

September, 2016

“Marking the celebration of the opening of our new London office in the City, more than 100 London based clients joint ING staff last week. I used the opportunity to travel to London as well, followed by a visit to Dublin, mentioned many times as an alternative to (financial) companies to set up their regional offices..." A blog by Jeroen Plag, ING, on a business trip in the UK and Ireland.

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World trade: No revival in sight yet

June, 2016

World trade has failed to outpace world GDP since 2012. Sluggish growth of trade is poised to continue for the coming years. Read our report 'World trade: No strong recovery in sight yet.

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ING Best Bank W. Europe, Netherlands and Poland 2016 (Global Finance)

March, 2016

ING is again awarded for Best Bank Western Europe 2016 by Global Finance. We also won the Best Bank Netherlands and Best Bank Poland awards.

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Labour productivity key to sustained growth in Eurozone periphery

March, 2016

Greece, Portugal, Spain and to a lesser extent Italy made significant adjustments to wages and productivity during the euro-crisis to become more competitive. A recent report of ING’s senior economist Bert Colijn examines whether this competitiveness is likely to be maintained now that the economic recovery in most Mediterranean countries has started.

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ING Best bank in Western Europe 2015 (Euromoney)

July, 2015

ING was named best bank in Western Europe at the annual Euromoney Awards for Excellence. The bank was also awarded Best bank in Belgium and Best bank in the Netherlands.

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Products & services in Ireland

Expand your business (0)

Acquisition finance

Undertaking an acquisition can lead to growth and increased share prices. ING Wholesale Banking can help structure and finance your acquisition.

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Finance your business (0)

Debt capital markets

Increase your capital and broaden your funding solutions by appealing to the debt capital market. ING Wholesale Banking can help.

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Corporate lending

Loans give you extra financial backing to realise major investments. ING Wholesale Banking can swiftly arrange the lending.

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Trade and commodities finance

Trade and commodity investing can diversify and stabilise your portfolio to ensure long-term positive gains. ING Wholesale Banking can be of assistance.

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Structured export finance

Secure your assets through long-term structured export financing. ING WB will help mitigate your risks and structure your investments.

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Hedging risks well can lead to a steady, positive performance of your infrastructure investments. ING Wholesale Banking can help.

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Metals and energy

Structure your metals and energy transactions to maximise returns on investments. ING Wholesale Banking can help.

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Natural resources

Structure your natural resource transactions to maximise returns on investments. ING Wholesale Banking can help.

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Power and utilities

More capital means you can upgrade or transform power and utility operations to better meet strict standards and targets. ING WB can assist.

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Telecom, media and technology

Structure your telecom, media and technology transactions to maximise returns on investments. ING Wholesale Banking can help – Read on to learn how.

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Transportation financing

Effective financing for your transportation and logistical needs makes for a more efficient supply chain. ING Wholesale Banking can help you.

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Trade receivables finance

Increase your liquidity swiftly through trade receivables financing. ING Wholesale Banking can help you structure your transactions.

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Supply chain finance

Ensure a smooth operational supply chain through sound financing from origin to destination. Let ING Wholesale Banking smooth your supply chain.

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Factoring offers a quick way to increase your cash flow and enhance your financing flexibility. ING Wholesale Banking can help, learn how.

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Manage your risks and assets (0)

Excess cash solutions

When your company has excess liquidity and is interested in investing this liquidity in the short-, medium-, or long-term future, ING Wholesale Banking can assist you.

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Foreign exchange solutions

If dealing in foreign currencies, you are accustomed to fluctuation and risk. ING can maximise your returns and hedge your risks.

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Client clearing services

As an experienced SwapClear member with state-of-the-art infrastructure for clearing on the LCH. Clearnet platform (LCH), ING Bank has all capabilities and the track record to support your transaction, clearing and settlement needs.

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Service your operational needs (0)

Payments and collections

Whether your payments and collections are domestic or international, urgent or non-urgent, ING has the presence and proficiency your institution needs to swiftly execute your transactions.

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Liquidity and cash management solutions

As an international company, you know how complicated cash management can be. ING can help manage your risks and payments by ensuring your liquidity remains at optimal levels.

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Payment factory

Simplifying the number of transactions will save your bank or company time and money. The ING Payment Factory does that for you.

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LCs, collections and guarantees

Gain extra assurance and protection in your international trade transactions with letters of credit, collections, and guarantees. ING WB can help.

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