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Malaysia is a middle-income country, having transformed itself away from mainly being a producer of raw materials, to an emerging multi-sector economy. Its current financial goal is to become a high-income country by the end of this decade. It looks to grow its economy by attracting investments in high technology industries, finance, biotechnology, and services. A significant driving force of the economy lies in export products - particularly electronics, oil and gas, palm oil and rubber.

Since 1975, ING in Malaysia offers a comprehensive array of corporate financial services, corporate advisory and financial market services to help our clients succeed in Asia and around the globe. For our clients in Malaysia, ING Corporate Advisory Malaysia holds an investment advisory license offering world-class solutions that enables it to conduct corporate finance business (M&A advisory). ING Bank Labuan branch provides foreign currency loans, Malaysian ringgit SBLCs/bank guarantees, structured products, and bridge financing.

ING Wholesale Banking (WB) is committed to delivering unparalleled access, ideas, insights and results to our clients. Our analysts, corporate financiers and relationship managers provide unrivalled access to people and information. We are a significant financer and provider of leading corporate financial services, so contact ING WB and let us help you achieve your strategic business goals.

  • Aspiring to become a high income economy by 2020
  • Fully integrated products from a single platform
  • Offshore commercial banking services available        
  • Corporate financial services, corporate advisory and financial market services

You can contact us in Kuala Lumpur and Labuan

Kuala Lumpur

ING Corporate Advisory (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Suite 11-02, 11th floor, Menara Hap Seng
Jalan R. Ramlee
50250 Kuala Lumpur


ING Wholesale Banking
Level 8 (B2), Main Office Tower
Financial Park Labuan, Jl. Merdeka
87000 Labuan F.T.

ING Global Bank of the Year 2016 (The Banker)

December, 2016

ING has been awarded as the best bank in the world. This year, ING even won a total of four awards at ‘The Banker’s’ Best Bank Awards 2016. Besides Global Bank of the Year, ING was named Best Bank of the year 2016 in the Netherlands, in Belgium, and in Western Europe.

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ING Bank and Global Initiatives launch Sustainable Finance Collective Asia

November, 2016

Collective brings together funding partners ING Bank, Credit Suisse, FMO and the UNDP-UN Social Impact Fund to finance sustainability projects in Asia.

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World trade: No revival in sight yet

June, 2016

World trade has failed to outpace world GDP since 2012. Sluggish growth of trade is poised to continue for the coming years. Read our report 'World trade: No strong recovery in sight yet.

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Low interest rates boon for infrastructure investments

April, 2016

The prevailing low interest rate environment is a boon for investments in infrastructure projects as they are benefiting from competitive funding and lower financing costs. However, financing costs are just one aspect of infrastructure investments so investors must also look at the internal rate of return (IRR) when evaluating infrastructure projects, explains Erwin Maspolim, ING, in an interview with The Asset.

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European real estate appealing to investors from across Asia

April, 2016

Despite global macro headwinds, uncertainties in domestic economies and the yuan depreciation, Asian investors’ interest in overseas real estate, especially in Europe, remains intact. They continue to seek diversification and yields for their asset and investments globally.

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Products & services in Malaysia

Expand your business (0)

Acquisition finance

Undertaking an acquisition can lead to growth and increased share prices. ING Wholesale Banking can help structure and finance your acquisition.

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Finance your business (0)

Debt capital markets

Increase your capital and broaden your funding solutions by appealing to the debt capital market. ING Wholesale Banking can help.

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Corporate lending

Loans give you extra financial backing to realise major investments. ING Wholesale Banking can swiftly arrange the lending.

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Trade and commodities finance

Trade and commodity investing can diversify and stabilise your portfolio to ensure long-term positive gains. ING Wholesale Banking can be of assistance.

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Structured export finance

Secure your assets through long-term structured export financing. ING WB will help mitigate your risks and structure your investments.

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Hedging risks well can lead to a steady, positive performance of your infrastructure investments. ING Wholesale Banking can help.

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Metals and energy

Structure your metals and energy transactions to maximise returns on investments. ING Wholesale Banking can help.

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Natural resources

Structure your natural resource transactions to maximise returns on investments. ING Wholesale Banking can help.

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Power and utilities

More capital means you can upgrade or transform power and utility operations to better meet strict standards and targets. ING WB can assist.

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Telecom, media and technology

Structure your telecom, media and technology transactions to maximise returns on investments. ING Wholesale Banking can help – Read on to learn how.

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Transportation financing

Effective financing for your transportation and logistical needs makes for a more efficient supply chain. ING Wholesale Banking can help you.

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Manage your risks and assets (0)

Client clearing service

As an experienced SwapClear member with state-of-the-art infrastructure for clearing on the LCH. Clearnet platform (LCH), ING Bank has all capabilities and the track record to support your transaction, clearing and settlement needs.

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