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ING in the Americas wins several deal awards in 2017
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In Latin America, ING Wholesale Banking provides a comprehensive range of financial products and services to domestic and international corporate and institutional clients through our offices in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico.

ING’s São Paulo office delivers local and international financial products and services, including Financial Markets, Structured Finance, Trade and Project Finance to both local and international companies operating in Brazil, including loans in BRL, USD, and EUR.

Our long-term commitment to Brazil has given us deep knowledge and a proven track record in the country’s strongest and most active sectors including agriculture, metals & mining, oil & gas, food & beverage, utilities, technology, media & telecoms, infrastructure and financial institutions

Report channel

According to Brazil’s local regulations, ING Brazil has made available a report channel by which any irregularities regarding misconduct or non-compliance related to ING’s policies, activities or code of conduct can be claimed.

Please reach us via

Important note

We have become aware that unauthorized third parties have improperly used the name and other information related to ING Bank N.V., ING BANK N.V. São Paulo Branch and ING Corretora de Câmbio e Títulos S.A. ("ING Brazil"), such as CNPJ (Tax ID), e-mails and logos. 

These actions include telephone calls, e-mails, contracts in hard copy, internet tools such as loan offering websites and goods and service commerce websites, among others. 

ING clarifies that:

  • Does not offer any loan directly or indirectly by means of any person or organization for individual, retired, self-employed people, small and medium companies in Brazil. ING Brazil has only relationship with large corporations;
  • Does not solicit advance payment for purchase of goods or hire of services negotiated through the internet and, likewise, does not solicit proof of shipment of these ones, not even if a so-called involved party has a bank account opened at any ING branch abroad;
  • Does not send e-mails alleging cooperation with Interpol, FBI or any similar entity;
  • Does not send e-mails with extension AOL, EUROPE, etc.

ING Brazil reinforces that it has no knowledge or participation in the aforementioned events and that it has already taken the appropriate measures, including legal actions, for cessation of improper use of its information, name and brand.

If necessary, please, contact ING Brazil for further clarification through

Brazil: Near-term optimism to prevail

October, 2018

The election of Jair Bolsonaro should boost investor sentiment and add material upside to local assets, amid market-friendly policy announcements over the next few weeks. We expect market optimism to be tested late in 1Q 2019...

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A trade war is the number 1 risk for global markets

April, 2018

China has retaliated to US plans to impose tariffs on its goods. Stock markets have fallen after this tit-for-tat action. So, where are we and what's likely to happen next? Watch the video.

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Training not tariffs: How to protect US free trade victims

April, 2018

Instead of unleashing a trade war against China and criticising European trade policies, US workers would be better off if Trump adopted European-style labour policies, says ING's economist Raoul Leering.

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Trade Wars: Episode 1 – The Presidential Menace

April, 2018

Four scenarios for how trade wars could unfold and how costly a global trade war would be for major economies - as well as the implications for the US dollar and global risk sentiment.

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Unfair trade: Does President Trump have a point?

April, 2018

According to President Trump, the US trade deficit is the result of unfair trade policies by other countries. In his view, there isn't a level playing field between the US and many of its trading partners. Read ING's analysis.

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ING in the Americas wins several deal awards in 2017

February, 2018

In 2017, ING Financial Holdings Corporation in the US won several deal awards with IJGlobal, Global Transport Finance and Latin Finance.

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ING Best Bank in the World 2017 (Global Finance)

August, 2017

Global Finance magazine has announced the winners of its World’s Best Global Banks 2017 Awards, where for the first time ever it has named the Best Bank in the World. The winner is ING.

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ING in the Americas wins several deal awards in 2016

March, 2017

In 2016, ING Financial Holdings Corporation in the US won several deal awards: four North American Deal of the Year awards of IJGlobal, one of PFI, and one of Reuters.

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Feeding the future

January, 0001

Demand for commodities financing in Brazil has remained robust despite the impact of sluggish global growth and the recent slump in commodity prices. So says global head ING Trade Export Finance, Gerrit Stoelinga, who attributes the nation’s export success to its savvy food producers and traders, and to strong market fundamentals that continue to drive overseas demand.

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Products & services in Brazil

Expand your business (0)

Acquisition finance

Undertaking an acquisition can lead to growth and increased share prices. ING Wholesale Banking can help structure and finance your acquisition.

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Finance your business (0)

Corporate lending

Loans give you extra financial backing to realise major investments. ING Wholesale Banking can swiftly arrange the lending.

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Hedging risks well can lead to a steady, positive performance of your infrastructure investments. ING Wholesale Banking can help.

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Metals and energy

Structure your metals and energy transactions to maximise returns on investments. ING Wholesale Banking can help.

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Natural resources

Structure your natural resource transactions to maximise returns on investments. ING Wholesale Banking can help.

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Power and utilities

More capital means you can upgrade or transform power and utility operations to better meet strict standards and targets. ING WB can assist.

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Telecom, media and technology

Structure your telecom, media and technology transactions to maximise returns on investments. ING Wholesale Banking can help – Read on to learn how.

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Transportation financing

Effective financing for your transportation and logistical needs makes for a more efficient supply chain. ING Wholesale Banking can help you.

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Food and agribusiness financing

ING’s Food, Beverage, & Agribusiness Group serves clients across the entire value chain including animal feed, beef, swine and poultry production and processing, beverages, branded food products, dairy, distribution, ethanol and biodiesel, fiber, fruits and vegetables, grain storage and processing, packaging, restaurants, retail, seafood, sugar, timber, and transportation.

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Trade and commodities finance

Trade and commodity investing can diversify and stabilise your portfolio to ensure long-term positive gains. ING Wholesale Banking can be of assistance.

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Structured export finance

Secure your assets through long-term structured export financing. ING WB will help mitigate your risks and structure your investments.

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Manage your risks and assets (0)

Excess cash solutions

When your company has excess liquidity and is interested in investing this liquidity in the short-, medium-, or long-term future, ING Wholesale Banking can assist you.

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Interest rate hedging solutions

Take advantage of interest rate hedging to spread your risk and increase liquidity. ING Wholesale Banking can assist you.

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Client clearing services

As an experienced SwapClear member with state-of-the-art infrastructure for clearing on the LCH. Clearnet platform (LCH), ING Bank has all capabilities and the track record to support your transaction, clearing and settlement needs.

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Service your operational needs (0)

LCs, collections and guarantees

Gain extra assurance and protection in your international trade transactions with letters of credit, collections, and guarantees. ING WB can help.

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