Cyber security

Addressing the human factor in cyber security with platform and information protection

Organisations are implementing increasingly advanced cyber security technology to protect their networks and data from outside threats. But preventing the theft of sensitive information from within systems and especially by employees adds an additional layer of complexity that must be addressed.

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Protecting porous perimeters via Identity & Access Management

With the growth of ‘mobile working’ and an increasing number of business applications migrating to the cloud, the corporate perimeter has become more porous and vulnerable, driving demand for solutions that manage access and user identities securely and efficiently.

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Tackling cyber crime - A shared threat needs a shared response

The cyber threat landscape continues to change at a rapid rate. As the Cisco 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report *) notes, the dawn of the zettabyte era will see an explosive growth in speed, digital traffic, and mobile endpoints, creating “a broader attack surface with more choices of targets and approaches”.

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