Ideas from Europe: TEDxBinnenhof

With the third edition of TEDxBinnenhof on 31 March just taken place, we are proud to present to you the 10 selected European innovators. Find out more about the amazing line-up.

ING is proud partner of TEDx since 2012. We believe in the power of ‘ideas worth spreading’ and would like to give TEDx finalists access to our network, to learn from them and their ideas worth spreading.  We spread the ideas to our colleagues and clients in European countries for inspiration.

"TEDxBinnenhof offers a platform for people with innovative ideas with societal impact. We can't do this alone. To really create impact and get those ideas out there, we depend on our partners. ING has been our dedicated partner since day one. Together we actively search for the worlds gamechangers and give them the stage they deserve. By building a long lasting community we work on maximise their exposure and try to help them shaping a sustainable future", says Sonja van Meerbeek of TEDxBinnenhof. 


For the first time the 28 Member States of the European Union will join forces to seek and find European entrepreneurs that will present the best and most inspiring ideas that have the potential to change the world for better. 

Each country will be able to present their best and brightest at the final. The final was organised at the 2015 SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) Assembly from 18-20 November in Luxembourg.

The SME Assembly was organised by the European Commission. An international jury and Assembly delegates will select the ‘top 9′ speakers. The 10th candidate will be chosen by public voting. These ‘top 10′ will be presenting their idea at TEDxBinnenhof (The Hall of Knights) on 31 March 2016 in The Hague, the Netherlands.

The spotlight will be on Europe’s most inspiring visionary entrepreneurs with ideas that deserve to take the world stage,


Meet our speakers

Meet the contributors to the TEDxBinnenhof event on 31 March. Each of them has a unique story to share with you.  

Lorenzo small image

Lorenzo Pradella: Regenerating bone with bamboo

Our speaker Lorenzo Pradella from Italy writes about his personal journey and his inspiration for GreenBone.

After 25 years in pharma and med-tech business I matured the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. During my whole career I have met a number of amazing individuals with deep knowledge and valuable expertise in management, science and spirituality. Read more


Nathan small image

Nathan Farrugia: Employing people with disabilities

Our speaker Nathan Farrugia from Malta writes about his personal journey and his inspiration for the Empower Cooperative.

After my university degree in physiotherapy I set up my own business, but longed to be involved in organisations. After a few short steps, I became CEO of a leading therapy centre for persons with a disability, helping turn it into one of my country’s most successful non-profits. In order to create a wider impact, we merged with another leading educational organisation to form Inspire, becoming our country’s largest non-profit service provider. Read more


Gerhard Dust small image

Gerhard Dust: helping people build from the ground up

My journey, and more specifically PolyCare’s journey, started on a bright January day six years ago. But for nearly 150,000 people it would be their last day. Over a million people would lose wives, husbands, children and friends. 200,000 homes would be destroyed. Countless businesses lost their premises, their staff and countless people even lost the will to carry on. Nature had played it’s wicked hand and Haiti lay in ruins.

I was struck with a desire to do something rather than watching those terrible images on the TV. But what? Read more


Kenny Iwan small image

Kenny Ewan: connecting small-scale farmers worldwide

Our TEDxBinnenhof speaker Kenny Ewan from the UK writes about his personal journey and his inspiration for WeFarm.

We are living in an age where we have gained incredible opportunities from technology, and especially the decentralisation of knowledge that the internet has brought us, yet sadly not everyone shares this privilege.

We came up with the idea for WeFarm after spending years working with smallholder farmers and indigenous communities in Latin America and Africa. Read more


Nora Khaldi small image

Nora Khaldi: rebuilding the health system

Our TEDxBinnenhof speaker Dr. Nora Khaldi from Ireland writes about her personal journey and her inspiration for Nuritas™.

Very soon 1 in 3 people in the world will have a disease. The health costs for governments to sustain this will quickly become impossible.

It is thus becoming blindingly apparent that the current system is not sustainable and a new approach to disease is needed to help billions of people live longer and happier lives with the prevention of illness. Read more



TEDxBinnenhof is a public-private community offering a platform for innovators with impactful ideas that can tackle global challenges. We actively search and share their ideas. The most inspiring future shapers are invited to the TEDxBinnenhof stage. Their talks are live broadcasted and web-streamed to dozens of locations worldwide.

By initiating the Ideas from Europe campaign we’ve brought the TEDxBinnenhof concept to Europe. The Member States have - together with many stakeholders and local TEDx-ers - joined forces and co-created a platform for Europeans with a mission. It’s about searching and sharing their ideas, inspire each other and show what Europe has to offer.