Trump: The next 100 days…

He promised to win big, but it hasn’t quite worked out like that. That might be personally worrying for President Trump, but what does it mean for the rest of us?

In this comprehensive assessment of Mr Trump’s first 100 days in office, ING’s chief international economist, Rob Carnell and FX strategist, Viraj Patel, suggest a moderate Trump policy regime might not be such a bad thing. Crucially, they look ahead to what the next 100 days could bring.

We suggest we could see further concrete progress on a wide swath of policy areas over the coming three months. But again, the US President may not achieve as much as he hopes. On a range of policies, his plans often face stiff opposition from Congress.

Market expectations were arguably far too high in the immediate aftermath of Mr Trump’s election victory. No radical tax cuts and limited infrastructure spending mean we’re unlikely to see an unwanted surge in inflation or aggressive rate hikes from the Fed. In fact, in this report, we think limited policy success is not really an economic problem as much as a political problem for the Trump administration.


Trump, the next 100 days: Looking for the win

Donald Trump is marking his first one hundred days as President of the United States. But, what has he actually achieved? And perhaps, more importantly, what might the next 100 days bring? Rob Carnell assesses the situation. He suggests that after several, high-profile policy setbacks, could he look next to foreign policy to give him a substantial 'win' that he promised Americans he would deliver?



Trump, the next 100 days: As good as it gets for the dollar?

After 100 days in office for President Trump, will this be as 'good as it gets' for the US dollar? That's the question Viraj Patel poses as we look ahead to what might happen next in the currency markets. Viraj says a watered down policy regime and interest rates staying lower for longer may mean dollar gains we might have been expecting may not now materialize. He says investors are learning not to buy into policy rumours and a reliance on the facts is becoming paramount. It's all to play for, says Viraj, for the next 100 days.