The UK election: May’s mandate for Brexit?

How the UK election could shape Brexit, Bank of England policy and the outlook for markets.

The results of the UK general election on June 8th will set the tone for the Brexit negotiations, which are due to start shortly afterwards. The overwhelming favourite to win is the current British Prime Minister, Theresa May, who leads the Conservative Party. She’s insisted since the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union that ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and she’s promising the electorate that she’ll get the best deal for Britain. But it’s still unclear what that deal will look like, if indeed there’s any deal at all by 2019.

And while opinion polls suggest Mrs May could win big, opinion polls have been wrong, very wrong, before.

In this report from ING’s economists in London, we look at what might happen on election day. We examine the key party promises on Brexit, and what are the biggest risks. If the opinion polls are wrong, what could happen under a Premiership led by the Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. And what might all this mean for the pound and the Bank of England? We have it covered.