Opportunities and challenges for tangible goods subscriptions

Now that we subscribe to music, are tools and toiletries next?

From music to phones to news, we're used to subscribing to services, but what's the potential for subscriptions to tangible goods? It's big, but it faces unique challenges if it's going to mimic the impressive growth of that of streaming and information services.

In a comprehensive report, we look at the current market for tangible goods in Europe and pinpoint the growth areas in terms of product, geography and demographics. We examine what is valued most by consumers, but also what puts them off.

We suggest there are four enablers for subscriptions to tangible goods: technical developments, shifting consumer preferences, regulation, and the interest rate environment. We see that consumers look at added value and price but that many factors influence subscription costs. We examine which factors increase the chance of building a successful durable goods subscription model. And we look at how numerous companies have adopted subscriptioni services and what's working, or not, for them.