Our investment criteria

ING Sustainable Investments is your trusted investment partner. We support your business in achieving its strategic goals and making a positive impact, guided by the following investment criteria:



  • Sustainable impact  is a prerequisite, measured by CO2 reduction and/or positive environmental impact (e.g. less energy or water usage)
  • Focus on scale-up propositions with a proven concept (i.e. no seed or venture capital)
  • Motivated and capable management team
  • Clear strategy and focus
  • Head office and/or substantial presence in ING’s core markets



  • Value creation potential due to attractive market circumstances
  • Substantial future cash flow potential: cash flow positive (after investment)
  • Funding predominantly used for CAPEX/expansion and to limited degree for (loss-making) operational expenses


Corporate governance

  • Commitment from and aligned interests with stakeholders
  • Management team or strategic partners prepared to co-invest
  • With respect to equity participations:
    • non-controlling stakes (i.e. preferably >10% and <50%)
    • no (active) involvement
    • no open-ended exit structures (i.e. investment horizon up to five years).