MyLeo also offers you the possibility to facilitate your shareholders register and your shareholders. The shareholders register can be maintained solely or in combination with your LTIP. Using MyLeo as your shareholders register gives you the opportunity to communicate directly with your shareholders and/or employees.

Companies have to comply with strict rules and regulations regarding compliance issues in order to avoid penalties or reputational risk. This is very labour-intensive and is often delegated to the HR departments of the issuing companies. Together with the expertise of our dedicated team, MyLeo offers many tools that can  simplify the compliance processes concerning employee benefits plans within your company, thus saving you time and money.

As a MyLeo administrator, you can programme all types of predefined reports which comply with the IFRS standards. These reports can be customized by setting a wide range of parameters. You can define your own query to satisfy your instant information needs through a wide range of search filters. This way, all kinds of customizable reports can be retrieved instantly in Excel format.