InsideBusiness - Financial markets

With InsideBusiness you can easily initiate all your foreign exchange and money market transactions at real time rates in the Financial Markets module. Transactions can be directly confirmed online.

In the Financial Markets overview you can see all your financial market transactions done with ING even if the transactions were done by a phone-call or any other channel. The overview can also be downloaded as a mark-to-market report.


Foreign exchange transactions

Use InsideBusiness Foreign exchange for real-time currency exchanges and swaps for hedging purposes.


Money markets

Place excess cash on a deposit and choose between different maturity dates up to two years. A real time interest rate can be requested.



For most financial markets transactions, you need to confirm (two-eyes or four-eyes, depending on your set up) your transaction is intentional and you agree to its terms. With our InsideBusiness Confirmations feature, you can make your confirmations online by placing a digital signature.

Do you use the InsideBusiness app? You’ll see these confirmations also displayed so you can confirm (with a two or four eyes set-up as well) them.

  • See all your trades in a simple overview and drill down for more trade details like its MTM value, nominal value, maturing date and more
  • Access mark-to-market reports that show all your trades and their MTM values by mail or online in the Portfolio overview.