User administration self service with InsideBusiness Corporate Administrator

Easily manage user access rights in InsideBusiness by appointing a Corporate Administrator

A Corporate Administrator is a special user appointed to maintain user permissions within your company’s InsideBusiness subscription. Learn more about the Corporate Administrator role, user management features in InsideBusiness, and security tips for users.


What kind of actions can a Corporate Administrator perform?

  • Add, modify and remove users
  • Grant user and account permissions
  • Provide user access to ING products and services
  • Activation of access means and InsideBusiness app registration.


What are the benefits of assigning a Corporate Administrator?

  • Quickly modify user permissions without paperwork or any help from ING
  • Easy menu to navigate through and prefilled screens
  • A full overview of all users, companies and permissions to accounts
  • De-active user access means in one go
  • Anytime, anywhere.


How do you appoint a Corporate Administrator?

  • With the Corporate Administrator Power of Attorney, you can appoint one or more Corporate Administrators
  • Certified copy ID (certified meaning signed by a legal representative as ‘true copy of the original’)
  • View the process card for more information.


Security tips for users

  • Appoint at least two Corporate Administrators. By applying the four eyes principle you can mitigate the risk of misuse, as an additional authorisation by another Corporate administrator is required before the administration change can become active
  • We advise separating user administration permissions from transactional permissions, although the Corporate Administrator can combine both types of permissions
  • Corporate Administrators cannot create new Corporate Administrators themselves. This can only be done by ING, based on a signed Corporate Administrator Power of Attorney
  • Good to know that a verification check is performed by ING every time a new user is added to the subscription.