ING Alert Services

Security alerts help prevent misuse of your card. Whenever a potentially suspicious purchase with your card is detected, ING can notify you immediately by a text message to confirm a transaction.



  • Enhance the security of your card: you can verify your purchases by replying to an ING text message
  • Act instantly: in case of a suspicious purchase you can receive a notification from ING for prompt action
  • Respond on the go: you can receive and respond back to the security alerts from wherever you are: at home, at your desk, or travelling
  • Free of charge: ING provides this service complimentary. (Check with your mobile service provider if any charges apply to you for sending or receiving text messages.)


Manage alerts

With security alerts you will be able to receive and send back messages regarding suspicious activity on your card. If a transaction is qualified as suspicious, a text message can be sent to you by ING Commercial Cards (+44 78 60 04 74 44):

  • if the purchase is yours, reply as directed in the text message - no additional action is required
  • if you do not recognise the purchase, respond as directed and ING suspends your card immediately and sends you a message with the necessary details for further resolution.


No need to apply or register for the security alerts - this service is automatically offered to you. Simply ensure you have provided ING with your updated mobile phone number. You can do so by calling ING Customer Service at: +31 10 428 9581 or use our local access numbers.


Frequently asked questions

How can I verify if the text message is sent by ING?

If the text message sender is: +44 78 60 04 74 44, then you know ING is the originator of that message.


How about liability when I don’t respond to the text message?

Not responding to a text message does not impact the liability in case of misuse.


How about my purchase when I don’t respond to the text message?

Your current purchase will not be affected. Please be aware that depending on the situation your card may be temporarily suspended for a subsequent purchase.


Do I get a text message for every purchase that I perform with my card?

No, you could receive a text message when ING defines a purchase as suspicious.


Is it possible to change my mobile phone number for receiving the text messages?

Yes, please contact our Customer Service and they will modify it.


Is the service offered free of charge by ING?

Yes, indeed, ING provides this as a complimentary service*.

(*) Some telecom providers may charge cardholders for sending and receiving messages.


Another question? Call ING Customer Service at +31 10 428 9581 or use our local access numbers.