Our investment criteria

Corporate investments seeks to be a sounding board for management and assist the company in unlocking its value potential.



  • Netherlands or Belgium based head office and/or management
  • Strong and sustainable market position
  • Motivated and capable/experienced management team
  • Clear strategy and focus
  • No start-up/introductory phase



  • Value creation potential
  • Well substantiated cash flow generating potential (EBITDA > €2.0m)
    - No seed or venture capital
    - Operational restructuring cases in conjunction with partners
  • Investment size depending on risk profile  
    - Sweet spot: €2.5m – €10m (equity) and €7.5m – €50m (subordinated)



  • Commitment from and aligned interests with relevant stakeholders
    - Management team prepared to co-invest
  • With respect to equity participations
    - Non-controlling stakes
    - No (active) management involvement
    - No open-ended exit structures (i.e. investment horizon up to 5 years)