Join the Blockchain Innovation Conference on 22 June

On 22 June, the fourth Blockchain Conference will be held at the KPMG headquarters in Amsterdam. ING is the virtual hosting partner and responsible for the live stream of the event. This conference can be virtually followed live.

The theme of this year’s edition is: Growing up, growing pains. Is blockchain just a hype or is it truly the answer to all questions? Other topics on the agenda for 2017 are governance matters in the public blockchain, the public versus private debate as well as the best way to approach blockchain projects and investments.

Speakers include entrepreneurs, innovators, developers, researchers and decision makers from the financial sector, government, smart industry, health care, energy, logistics and scientific community.

Ivar Wiersma, head of Innovation at ING Wholesale Banking, will not only talk about the financial part, but will also deep dive into how ING approaches blockchain from an organisational standpoint.

During the ‘business track’ in the afternoon Jean-Christophe Manghardt, ING, will talk about a recent ING - Société Générale project, EasyTrading Connect.


Check out the full programme on the Blockchain Innovation Conference website.