ING opens up analysis to public

In response to growing demand from businesses, investors and consumers, ING has opened up access to its research with the launch of a new website, THINK. The website offers a wide range of topics for broad audiences, and prepares for MiFID II.

The new website will broaden the reach of ING’s analysis providing a structured channel for high frequency, high quality insight that is freely available on key economic and financial news and trends.

THINK covers a broad range of topics, including macro thematic analysis and content for consumers.

THINK is also part of ING’s plans to address the MiFID II requirements on paid for and free content, which will be implemented on European asset managers in January.

Mark Cliffe, global chief economist at ING: "We are doing things differently at ING. With THINK, we’re opening up to a broader audience, on a wide range of topics, in a clear and easy ING style. Although the initial impetus came from customer feedback, THINK is also part of our plan to be 'MiFID II ready'. While the industry and regulators are still debating the precise details of the access and payment requirements for European asset managers, it is clear that analysis outside the domain of investment research can be distributed freely. With the shake-up in the research market, we believe THINK will help us to grow our audience beyond ING’s existing client base."

The THINK website can be found at

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