Europe’s largest hackathon kicks off

The Dutch Blockchain Hackathon is coming to Groningen on 10-12 February 2017. This event will bring together business experts, technology enthusiasts and heads of innovation from around the world to develop the most advanced blockchain-based solutions and operating systems.

The Dutch Blockchain Hackathon, one of Europe’s biggest hackathons to date, will be one of the largest-scale collaboration on the development of blockchain of its kind.

Fifty teams will collaborate with the Dutch government and regulatory authorities to develop and launch prototypes for new blockchain applications that they hope will be revolutionary for both the economy and society. An international panel will award a total of €50,000 to the best solutions on the final day of the event.

ING is using the latest blockchain infrastructure to make an innovation event of this scale possible through both its experts and its technology.

The bank has also designed its own challenge, “cash me if you can”, in which competing teams of entrepreneurs, software developers and tech-enthusiasts will to attempt to exploit the built-in vulnerabilities of a smart contract coded by some of ING’s blockchain experts. The group that drains the most funds out of the contract will be crowned the winner, and this team will also be awarded a four-hour PACE (ING’s structured innovation process) coaching session with the ING Wholesale Bank Innovation team.

ING Wholesale Bank’s Head of Innovation, Ivar Wiersma, and ING’s blockchain specialists, will be providing consultancy to hackathon teams at the event and answering their questions on distributed ledger technology.

In addition to this on-site consultancy, ING will provide support through a host of innovative platforms and infrastructure. Its Open Source project, which will allow teams to swiftly setup a fully functional ethereum blockchain, will be available, while the hackathon will also be used an opportunity to test payment API’s ahead of PSD2.

In an event that is the first of its kind, ING will be using its latest blockchain technology capabilities and sector expertise to ensure that the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon and, most importantly, the resulting innovations that are developed during the period, is a great success.