Kick-off Dutch Blockchain Hackathon

Today, at ING headquarters in Amsterdam, the kick-off was held of the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon, the first large-scale Dutch blockchain Hackathon, aimed at 'Improving society through blockchain-based solutions'. This event will run through 12 February 2017, when the winner will be announced.

Blockchain technology is hot and has great potential for use in finance and in other industries. Some are calling it the next internet.

Mark Buitenhek, global head Transaction Services at ING, opened up the session with hope and caution, remarking "Blockchain is over the hype cycle and has now landed firmly in reality. With our eyes wide open we are actively experimenting together with use cases that can add value to our clients’ businesses. And together we need to face up to the challenges of this new technology, such as  security and governance, which are key in order to make it secure and trusted."

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