Update October 2016

Release notes

SEPA in Switzerland

If you hold accounts at ING Switzerland, you will be able to import or manually initiate SEPA credit transfer. You can import them using the XML pain.001 format. If you currently import payment orders containing EUR payments from your Swiss account to one of the SEPA countries, please provide the charge bearer SHA and adhere to the SEPA standards. This way you will ensure that your EUR payments will be processed as SEPA credit transfers.

Please find a full overview of the Cut-off times at ingpcm.com.


BESR reporting in Switzerland

The local Swiss BESR reporting format can now be made available in InsideBusiness Payments via the ‘Extra reporting formats’ screen. The BESR format reports on Swiss postal payments (or ESR payments). If you wish to use this reporting format you need to apply for this feature via your ING contact person.


RIBA in Italy

If you hold accounts at ING Italy, you will be able to import or manually initiate domestic direct debit RIBA (Ricevuta Bancaria Elettronica). A direct debit agreement should be in place before you can use this service.


Unpaid RIBA in Italy

Notification of unpaid RIBA’s can be made available in InsideBusiness Payments via extended reportingThe RIBA Unpaid reporting format is available via ‘Extra reporting formats’ screen.

For importing RIBA’s or using the RIBA Unpaid reporting format, your ING contact person can provide you with the RIBA product features, RIBA format description and assist with setting up the required agreement.


Save time by changing execution date for multiple payments in one go

Change the execution date for a group of your payments and or batches in one go. Just go to ‘Open payments’ screen and select the payments and batches with incorrect execution dates. Click ‘More actions’ followed by ‘Change execution date’. In the following screen you can specify a new execution date. Save your changes by clicking on the ‘Change execution date’ button.


Easy remove individual payments from a batch

Just go to the ‘Batch details’ screen and select payment(s) that you would like to remove from the batch. Choose from two options: ‘Delete’ or ‘Return into open payments’ and save your action. Depending on your choice, your selected payment(s) will be either deleted or moved to ‘Open payments’ screen.


Work in Spanish language  

We have made InsideBusiness available in one more european language and you can work with the Spanish version. You can do so by changing your internet languague preference to Spanish and InsideBusiness Payments will start up in Spanish.

In Internet Explorer, you can change the language settings at: Tools > Internet Options > General tab > Languages. Here you can add your preferred language  and change the order of selected languages. By moving a language to the top of the list, you can configure it as your preferred language.