Update March 2018

We implemented a new version of InsideBusiness Payments in order to further simplify your daily banking. We added a number of useful features and we extended the retention period of transactions to 13 months. In these notes you will read all about the relevant changes.

Extended transaction history

We extended the retention period of historical transactional data in InsideBusiness Payments. You can now easily view or download full details of all your payment related information all the way back upto at least 13 months. This is especially helpful if you need Audit related information or if you simply wish to check that old transaction.


IBAN mandatory within SEPA zone

The use of IBAN has become mandatory for all transactions within the SEPA zone. Validating this requirement already in InsideBusiness Payments prevents transactions from being rejected at a later stage.


Search by sign permissions

With the option "Search by sign permissions" you can search for users able to sign a certain payment. We have now improved the accuracy by taking into account the account permissions as well. You will see who is entitled to sign the transaction at a glance.


Improved RIBA import

When importing the Italian local direct debit format RIBA, Record 51 position 21-40 (Creditor’s company name abbreviated) has now been made optional. This change is interesting for clients who want to migrate local Italian direct debits to InsideBusiness Payments.


Copy accounts to Address book

On the accounts screen an account can be copied to the address book. Now all currencies linked to a multicurrency account can be copied as well.


German Creditor ID

For direct debit instructions we have improved the validation on the German creditor ID's, which should have exactly 18 characters.