Update June 2017

Every day we aim to provide you the best service possible by improving our offering on a regular basis. Today we are pleased to inform you that we have released a new version of InsideBusiness Payments to further simplify your daily banking. With this release, we have improved some existing functionalities and added a number of new features. In these notes you can read a description of all relevant changes.

New CGI version CAMT.052 / CAMT.053

You can download a CGI compliant version of the Camt.052 (Intraday) and Camt.053 (End of day) account reporting formats as well as the current Camt.052 and Camt.053. These are shown in the download section of the Account statements screen as two new options ‘CAMT 052 – CGI’ and ‘CAMT 053 – CGI’. This version is available for all accounts.


CGI Camt.052 and CGI Camt.053 follow the new 2.0 version of the Dutch Implementation Guidelines for CAMT.052/CAMT.053 as published by the 'Betaalvereniging Nederland'. This is to align Dutch Implementation Guidelines with CGI Guidelines and the latest EPC recommendations for Bank to Customer Reporting. 


The changes consist of:

-       the booked amount of the transaction will be reported in the Batch and/or Transaction Details next to the current amount field at Entry level.

-       the Creditor Scheme Identification will be reported in Private Identification within Related Parties

-       in case of Rmessages debtor and creditor will be reported as in the original transaction. So in case of a refused Direct Debit the debtor reported in the Refusal will be the original debtor of the Direct Debit.

Since ING in time intends to switch to the new CGI version we advise you to download the new version and validate processing in your ERP or accounting system. In this way you can plan changes at your own pace.



Quick link to Address book


Users with access to the Accounts screen and permissions to create addressees in the Address book will see a new option to easily add the account to the Address book. This quick link will help you to keep your master data up-to-date.






Improved dashboard



The widgets on the customizable Dashboard have a fresher, more user-friendly design.





More details in Credit/Debit today


You can add a new column on the Credit/Debit today overview screen: Created. This new column offers you improved visibility with the date and time the intraday report was created.