Update July 2016

Release notes

Personalise your welcome screen with customised overviews

You will notice your welcome screen has been upgraded. You can now see dashboards of your Balances, Open payments and more without having to view separate screens. We have created for you a default set of dashboards, which you can personalise and expand with your own dashboards.


Find users with a specific signing permission

If you want to know which users have specific signing permissions, you can use the new filter to find out. Go to ‘Users’, choose ‘Search by sign permissions,’ and select your filter criteria.


Download account reporting in DK format

You can now download end-of-day and intra-day account reporting for all your accounts in German local MT (DK) format flavor. Look for the new format option in the 'File format' field in the account reporting download screen. There are no additional costs for downloading reporting in DK-format.