Update February 2017

Every day we aim to provide you the best service possible by improving our offering on a regular basis. Today we are pleased to inform you that we have released a new version of InsideBusiness Payments to further simplify your daily banking. With this release, we have improved some existing functionalities and added a number of new features. In these notes you can read a description of all relevant changes.

Redesign of authorisation screen

The authorisation screen has been redesigned to make it easier to see how to use your I-Dentity Card reader. This way you can see what steps are needed for each reader. This is especially helpful for if you are starting to use the service.


New adaptive dashboard

On the customisable Dashboard, you can add, configure and remove your widgets. Now you can hide and unhide them while maintaining your settings for a more tailored experience.


Show users who can sign payments or batches 

To give you more insight and streamline your payments process, now you can see right away which users are entitled to sign a payment or batch. When you select the transaction and click More actions, you’ll see a list of all authorised people who can sign it in your Payment and Batch details screens.


Improved selection on payments overview 

For a more intuitive experience you will now see All payments as the default view in your Open payments screen. The default view in your Sent payments screen is Payments of the last 7 days (status date).


Phase out SEPA Direct Debit COR1 scheme

As the timelines for CORE and COR1 have been aligned there is no need for COR1 anymore so it is phased out. Every COR1 contract is migrated to CORE. COR1 direct debits that have been fully signed will be sent for processing without problems. The available schemes are now B2B and CORE.


Harmonised input screens

We simplified and harmonised the input screen for international payment instructions from your ING accounts in France, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. The input screen for these countries is now in line with the input screens for other countries.


Extended code words in MT94x reporting

If multiple code words such as CHGS, EXCH, TRCD and OCMT have to be reported and the maximum length exceeds the 34 available positions of tag 61/subfield 9, the code words CHGS and EXCH will be reported in tag 86.