Update August 2017

We implemented a new version of InsideBusiness Payments in order to further simplify your daily banking. We added a number of useful features, including the possibility to import confidential payments, the visibility of the Hash value at batch level and various enhancements for International Payments, templates and copying. In these notes you will read all about the relevant changes.

Simplified import options


The import option 'Batch or grouped payments' has been been removed. Its function is incorporated in the import option ‘Batch’. You will benefit from easier to understand options when you import payment files. 


Importing 'Confidential payments'

Importing files as ‘Confidential payment’ is now available for all IBP import formats and for all import options. The transaction details of a ‘Confidential payment’ are only visible for users with this specific permission.


HASH value at batch level




The calculated HASH value remains visible at batch level, even in case the original import file has been deleted. This is especially convenient if you have to report the Hash totals from an Audit perspective.



New fields for International Payments

For International payments, instructions for Debtor & Creditor agent are now permanently available. The correct usage of these instructions depends on the payment product.



















Modify payment templates

Payment templates can now be modified and saved.


Copy enhancements

  1. You can select and copy text from an overview screen without details being opened.
  2. If you copy an IBAN, the spaces are removed in the pasted IBAN