Software and hardware requirements

To be able to make use of InsideBusiness Payments (IBP) you must meet the software and hardware requirements as listed here.

Sofware requirements

Operating Systems

• Windows Vista / SP2 (32- or 64-bit)

• Windows 7 / SP1 (32- or 64-bit)

• Windows 8.



• Windows Internet Explorer 7.0

• Windows Internet Explorer 8.0 / 9.0 / 10.0

Only 32-bit browsers are supported when the reader is connected to the computer.


Internet Protocol

• Internet Protocol version 4.


SUN Java JRE 1.7 and higher (international version)

• Sun Java plugin version 1.7 and higher

• In the event of a 64-bit operating system the Java 32 bit software must also be installed to be able to work with the ING I-Dentity Reader connected to the computer.



• JavaScript must be enabled

• Active scripting, paste operations via script and scripting of Java applets enabled

• The use of Cookies (per session) enabled.


Adobe Acrobat Reader

• At least version 10.0 to view reports in PDF format.


Spam filter – receiving email

IBP informs users via e-mail about the status of the application and other matters. To be sure that you receive the e-mails we advise you to add to your address book or safe list.


Hardware requirements


• Minimum: 256MB

• Recommended: 512MB or more.


Hard drive space available

• When using the connected ING I-Dentity Reader a minimum of 50MB hard drive space needs to be available for installation of the ING I-Dentity Software

• Space for exchanging files (to be managed by the client).


USB port

• A USB port is needed to connect the ING I-Dentity Reader (preferably on the base unit).