In the near future, you will notice a number of changes in our services with regard to your savings account. ING will shortly assign a unique IBAN to savings accounts that do not have one at present. As a consequence, deposits into and withdrawals from a savings account will become regular SEPA transactions, from one IBAN to another. As a result, cut-off times will become similar to SEPA payments.

Always check the cut off times.


Changes to savings accounts in InsideBusiness Payments

From the end of July, savings accounts that currently have the same account number as the associated Business Account will be assigned a unique IBAN number. This will affect the default display of these savings accounts in InsideBusiness Payments.

If you modified the default display of the savings account yourself, this display will not change.

Table 1: Overview of the changes in InsideBusiness Payments

Default display until the end of July

Default display from the end of July

000123456* Zkl   Kwartaal Spaarrek

NL12 INGB 0000 0567 89**   Zkl Kwartaal Spaarrek

Savings for material***

Savings for material***

* Number of the associated Business Account ** New unique IBAN number of the savings account *** Account name modified by you


Changes to savings account reporting in InsideBusiness Payments

The MT940/MT942 savings account report still differs at present from the MT940/MT942 format for current accounts. The structure of the MT940/MT942 savings account report will become identical to that of the current account report. In addition, the MT940/MT942 savings account report will undergo a few changes in terms of content. If you upload the MT940/MT942 savings account report into an accounting package, some changes may be required in order to continue doing so successfully.

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Changes to savings account reports for FTP, Telelink@Isabel , SwiftNet FIN & FileAct or in a third banking package The changes to the savings accounts will entail a number of changes to the MT940/MT942 savings account report. These changes relate to the reporting content and frequency.

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