InsideBusiness Payments now on your tablet

If you are on-the-go, there are more ways to use InsideBusiness Payments anytime.








You will notice the same design and functionalities you are used to, as well as improvements to your mobile experience. Log in on your tablet from your browser just like you do on your desktop to check account balances and authorise transactions wherever you are.


Updates to give you more flexibility

Now you can easily manage an unlimited number of transactions in one import file. Previously you could only send 9,999 transactions in one file and had to divide transactions into separate files for larger volumes. Now you can include all transactions in one file.

And if you use a local German import format, you can now import SEPA files with a German scheme (pain 001.002.02 / pain 001.002.03). Choose between batches and single payments. We will process the file in the same way as a regular SEPA transactions.