Release notes June 2015

Every day we aim to provide you the best service possible by improving our offering on a regular basis. Today we are pleased to inform you that we have released a new version of InsideBusiness Payments to further simplify your daily banking. With this release, we have improved some existing functionalities and added a number of new features. In these notes you can read a description of all relevant changes.


Enhanced statement printout numbering

We have added an extra field to the header of the statements which indicates the date of the latest previous statement with transactions. This way you will have a successive statement administration for accounting or audit purposes when you only print the statements with transactions.


Possibility to initiate transactions in more currencies

For your account held at a third bank, you are now also able to initiate transactions and receive reporting in currencies that ING the Netherlands does not support, such as Brazilian Real or Malaysian Ringgit.


Create periodic payments with a four-week frequency

For periodic payments an additional frequency of 4 weeks is now available.


No more signature required for simple administrative tasks

It is no longer necessary to authorise basic administrative changes, such as modifying contact details or account display name. After you have clicked on the ‘finish’ button, the change will be processed immediately.


SEPA Direct Debit from Austrian and Spanish accounts

For ING accounts held in Austria and Spain, you are now able to submit the SEPA Direct Debit. You can now collect from accounts held in any SEPA country. Always check the cut off times.


Cut off times have been improved for International Credit Transfers

The cut off times have been improved for International Credit Transfers initiated from and received at your account held at ING the Netherlands. The improvements differ per currency. For example, cut off times for urgent payments without currency conversion in South African Rand (ZAR) have been improved by 26 hours and for Chinese Yuan (CNY) by 24 hours.
Check the improved cut off times.