Release notes February 2015

In February we will implement a new version of InsideBusiness Payments in order to further simplify your daily banking. We will add a number of useful features, including the possibility to share views with all users, the option of selecting account statements only with transactions and various enhancements of the payments view. In these notes you will read all about the relevant changes.


No more empty account statements

InsideBusiness Payments receives account statements on a daily basis, regardless whether or not there are any transactions that day. As a result, the account statement overview also includes ‘empty account statements’. You can now easily hide these empty statements so that only the ones with transactions are displayed. To do this, select ‘Only with transactions’ in the field ‘Including account statements’ under ‘Additional settings’. This setting can be stored as a personal or shared view, so that it can easily be reused by you or other users. Click here for a screenshot


Sharing views

You can now easily standardise reports and your way of working with InsideBusiness Payments. If you have a useful view in which you have filtered the selection, sequence, sorting and filtering of columns you can store it as a ‘Customer view’ and share it with all your colleagues. Furthermore, this means that new users no longer need to set up often used screen views. 

Click here for a screenshot 


End-of-day and intraday balances on a single screen

The renewed balance screen enables you to view the end-of-day, intraday, book and value balance side by side on a single screen facilitating a better optimisation of your cash flows.

Click here for a screenshot 



Filter for transactions with a deviating value date

The new filter in the debit/credit screen provides you with a quick overview of the transactions in which the book date deviates from the value date. 
Check the option ‘Value date differs from booking date’ under ‘Additional settings’ and the summary with the relevant transactions is displayed.

Click here for a screenshot 



Value balance available for all ING accounts

The value balance was previously already available for the Dutch ING accounts and has now been enhanced to include all ING accounts, regardless of the country in which these accounts are held. The Balance screen displays the value balance of these ING accounts. 


Transactions on behalf of a debtor or creditor 

The screens ‘Create credit transfer’ for SEPA credit transfers and ‘Create direct debit’ have been enhanced. You can now manually enter the ultimate debtor or creditor under ‘Show the extended payment attributes’. This is especially useful if you are creating the payments on behalf of another party. 
This was already possible via a file import, but now it can be done directly in InsideBusiness Payments as well.


BIC code of the initiating party is no longer mandatory in XML file

From now on InsideBusiness Payments will process XML files with and without BIC code of the account of the initiating party. The BIC code will still be available as an optional field so you are not obliged to adjust your current way of working.


Importing SEPA transfers in CSV format

You can now make use of a comma separated value file (the so-called CSV format) to import SEPA transfers. This option is useful when your administration software package is not capable of creating a SEPA-XML file, but can export the data of SEPA transfers to a CSV format. You can also create a CSV format file yourself, using Microsoft Excel, for example. Click here for a screenshot


SEPA direct debit from German accounts

For ING accounts held in Germany, you can submit the Standard European direct debit one day later if the counter account is also held in Germany. Use the direct debit type ‘COR1’ for this purpose and check the cut off times
If you want to collect from an account held in a country other than Germany, select the ‘Standard’ direct debit type on the data entry screen. Click here for additional information about European direct debits.


FUJIFILM ambassador for InsideBusiness Payments

ING is proud to to welcome Fujifilm as ambassador for InsideBusiness Payments. The successful cooperation between Fujifilm and ING is based on a constructive dialogue and the commitment to provide optimal service and quality.

From left to right: P. Vermeulen (ING - Senior Consultant Payments & Cash Management), M. Schuurmans (Fujifilm - Treasury Officer), B. di Turi (ING - Head of Online PCM Channels), A. in 't Groen (Fujifilm - Treasury Officer)