New transaction and reporting module

ING is introducing a new module in InsideBusiness for transaction management and account reporting. The main benefits of this module are an improved look and feel, a seamless integration with the InsideBusiness App, and one place to initiate and manage your transactions. Navigation to InsideBusiness Payments(IBP) is no longer required.

How can the transition affect my day-to-day business?

Payment instructions
As soon as the new payment module is available, IBP will be closed for creating and authorising payments. All payments that have not been fully signed in IBP will be cancelled. The cancelled payments will remain visible in IBP and can be initiated and signed in the new module. We advise you to fully sign all urgent payments in IBP at least the day before the transition to the new module takes place to make sure these payments are directly processed on the requested execution date.

Scheduled payments
Fully signed payments in IBP with a future execution date will remain scheduled in IBP for processing.
You can also cancel these payments in IBP and re-enter them in the new module so that you can view all scheduled payments in one place.

Account reporting
Your complete reporting is available in the new module with all transactions from the previous 18 months

Address book
You can transfer your address book from IBP to InsideBusiness.
Here you can find a video instruction for a step-by-step explanation
Here you can find a document with extensive instructions

Modifications for the MT940
The MT940 will be according to the strategic ING MT940 format, which is in line with the market standard. Incidental errors can occur where you may experience incorrect processing of the MT940 in your accounting software. In this case, you can still download the MT940 from IBP as you previously would have done. This provides you with more than enough time to update your accounting software.
Useful links:

Here you can find the strategic ING MT940 format description
Here you can find an overview with the differences compared to IBP

Please see the introduction video to the new module below. More information and videos on specific functionalities are available in the Knowledge centre section of InsideBusiness.

Introduction Video

Please see the introduction video to the new module below.