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Manage your local and global payments easily

Incoming direct debits

InsideBusiness Payments lets you view all your incoming direct debits in one place for more control, greater insight and in a streamlined process. You can reject direct debits before they are deducted, or refund them after settlement. Incoming direct debits are also available on the InsideBusiness app and  for accounts held in a variety of European countries.


Proof of Payment module

As an internationally operating organisation, you are likely to initiate International Credit Transfers on a regular basis. The Proof of Payment functionality supports you by improving your control over  international cash flows. Two easy tools can be accessed anytime, anywhere, enabling you to closely monitor the status of your International Credit Transfers. Even after they have been processed by ING and have been sent to the SWIFT network:

  1. MT103 download
    To reassure your counterparty that the payment is on its way, you can now share a copy of an MT103 payment message ING has sent to SWIFT. Simply navigate to the Proof of Payment section in InsideBusiness and download a copy of the MT103 message you want to share. This functionality is also available online and in the InsideBusiness app.

  2. Tracking & tracing of your International Credit Transfers
    The new tracking & tracing monitoring screen lets you follow your International Credit Transfers step-by-step throughout the corresponding banking chain until the final credit of the funds appears in your counterparty’s account.

    Note: As a first step in the phased introduction, this functionality will be available for International Credit Transfers that are initiated from ING Belgium accounts. As a next step, in 2019 we will add ING Netherlands accounts


Order management

If you perform mass payments or collections, enjoy more control with Order management in InsideBusiness. You can track & trace your payment transactions and manage the approval process. View the status of all payment files delivered by InsideBusiness Connect or SwiftNet in real-time. Remote authorisation allows you to approve transactions remotely via InsideBusiness or in the app. You can also approve or reject your orders before ING processes them.

It is important to confirm the integrity of your payments, and with SHA algorithms, you can make sure payments have not been altered after they have been generated by your ERP system. The hash total can be viewed and verified in InsideBusiness.