Sustainability in Real Estate - The 5 Step Plan

We support our Dutch clients with the transition to a sustainable portfolio.

We provide them with insights into opportunities and a number of measures to help to make the investment profitable.

We advise, invest and appreciate to help our clients become (more) sustainable in partnership with ING Groenbank (ING’s green finance company regulated by Dutch governmental green minimum standards), Corporate Facility Partners en Van Draeckeburgh.

The 5 Step Plan

Step 1 ING REF Sustainable App, BREEAM / Energy scan

In the App our clients will find (for all assets financed by ING): Possible savings, Measures to be undertaken, Expected return on investment and the Energy label certificate (EPA-U) after the investment for every asset in the tool.

With a realisation of € 15.000 or more on energy savings a free BREEAM / Energy Scan is executed by Corporate Facility Partners (CFP). 

The Energy Robot has been added to the app to give our clients insight in the use of energy by detecting waste in energy usage.

Step 2 100% Finance of sustainable investment

With a 5% higher LTV we will be able to finance your sustainable investment with a 100% loan. 

Step 3 Financing by ING Groenbank

In the Netherlands it is possible (when complying with the Dutch Green Project Regulation) to finance sustainability investments with a 100% green finance and a 0,5% interest discount for:

  • New buildings
  • Investments to improve buildings, housing and monuments
  • Investments to improve specific areas which leads to energy reduction e.g. solar panels and LED light plans 

Step 4 Subsidy advice Van Draeckeburgh

We help our clients with obtaining subsidies for energy saving measures and investments in a sustainable building. We work together with Van Draeckeburgh, a specialised company in regulations and government subsidies. They help our clients to obtain a maximised result by successfully applying for subsidies for energy saving measures and sustainable real estate projects. 

Step 5 Free EPA-U-labels

Free EPA-U certificate when measures undertaken result in an A, B or C certificate.