International Credit Transfer

If you would like to make or receive a payment in a foreign currency or in your local currency abroad, and your transaction does not meet the criteria for a SEPA transaction, you can select an International credit transfer. This type of transaction can be performed worldwide and in all major currencies. Transactions between residents in a currency other than the local currency are also considered to be international credit transfers. Payments can be made to a total of 243 countries worldwide.

ING offers various types of International Credit Transfers:

  • Standard
  • Next Day or Scheduled
  • Urgent
  • Intra-company
  • ING In-house

The processing time of an International Credit Transfer is generally between one and five days, however, processing times can differ depending on the beneficiary bank and country.


International credit transfer Next Day or Scheduled 

You can enter a scheduled international credit transfer to indicate the exact date on which you want your transfer to be executed by ING. This can be the next day or up to 365 days in advance. 


Urgent transactions

Urgent transactions on the current business day can be made by using International Credit Transfer Urgent. In case of urgent transactions ING will directly execute the transfer, urgent payments are processed faster throughout the international banking network.


International Credit Transfers between ING accounts

Cross border payments between two ING accounts that belong to your company’s same economic group give you the option of using International Credit Transfer In-Company. The receiving bank will be credited as soon as possible if payment is initiated before the cut-off time.

International Credit Transfers ING In-house is used if both parties hold an ING account. The receiving bank will be credited as soon as possible if payment is initiated before the cut-off time and the fees incurred are lower than for a standard International Credit Transfer.


Cut-off times

The cut-off times can differ depending on the currency. The cut off times of the ING network countries are published on our website: International Credit Transfer cut-off times.


Foreign Currency Account

If you perform international payments within the same currency regularly, it can be beneficial to set up a Foreign Currency Account to save on additional foreign currency exchange costs. A Foreign Currency Account provides a solution against exchange rate fluctuations and helps you manage interest rates.


ING offers an array of channels and initiation formats to easily enter and execute international credit transfers manually or in a batch. These channels are:

To initiate an international credit transfer, please provide the following information:

  • Currency
  • Amount
  • Beneficiary name
  • Beneficiary account
  • Charges you will incur (BEN/SHA/OUR)
  • Full bank name
  • SWIFT BIC (unique identifier code) or beneficiary bank’s bank code