Account reporting

ING’s reporting products and services let you automate and optimise your transaction reconciliation processes, and in turn improve your cash management processes. This helps you realise better returns on intra-day investments, and helps you limit short-term lending and better manage liquidity risks.

ING offers:

  • Intraday and End of Day reporting services
  • For accounts held across ING’s international network and for accounts held at other banks
  • Industry and market standard formats and local formats where required
  • Harmonised transaction codes such as ISO, SWIFT and ING proprietary codification for easy implementation on your side and for automatic recognition by your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or Treasury Management System (TMS)


If you work with accounts held at various banks and in different countries, ING offers industry and market standard formats such as the ISO20022 XML suite (e.g. camt.053, camt.052, camt.054) and the SWIFT FIN messages suite( e.g. MT940, MT942) so you can compare account statements across banks. If you work with different banks in the same country, ING also offers local formats ( e.g. CODA for Belgium, AFB120 for France and MT940 DK incl. GVC codes for Germany).


ING offers an array of channels that can be used for account reporting:

Additional Services

Additional services are also available in our account reporting services. Aggregation Services and Global Enrichment Services can help you tailor your electronic account statements according to your specific needs. 

More information about reporting formats can be obtained via our local country offices or a local account manager, or by contacting your ING representative.