Crisp and colourful... Indian summer and the US elections

While living in the US some 15 years ago, we very much enjoyed travelling upstate NY and even further north to witness the Indian summer or foliage. Blue skies, very crisp weather and colourful sights - the leaves on the trees appear to be on fire once again as I landed in Minneapolis, one of the twin cities situated around the Mississippi River. 'On fire' is maybe not strong enough to describe the atmosphere around the ongoing US election debates...

Clients we met with in Chicago and New York were very interested in the latest updates on the Brexit discussions, our views, as well as the views laid out in the recent ING US elections research report; ample parallels exist between the two processes, such as the older voters who favoured Brexit and favour Trump as well. Aside from the impact on currencies like the Hong Kong dollar, (Trump naming China a currency manipulator when he wins), the Mexican peso (the wall!) and the Canadian dollar (NAFTA free trade agreement), the report touches upon various scenarios on global trade, the war on terrorism and immigration. 

Jeroen Plag

Asked who they will vote for, depending on the city we were in, more republican or democratic, most clients admitted to be very unclear. What is clear, is that the election are a massive unpopularity contest as Clinton 'supporters' don't want to vote for Trump and vice versa. On Friday even more mud throwing in the form of sexual allegations towards Mr Trump, possibly the October surprise?


A blog by Jeroen Plag, head of Client Coverage Americas, Asia & UK, ING, on a business trip in the US.


There was a Dutch moment of fame last week as well as I saw the Dutch production of the video coming by on the 7 o'clock CBS news – there were great reviews of this duet between the two candidates!

One of the advantages of frequent travelling is to be able to finish the last book that was recommended to me, 'The Inevitable', by Kevin Kelly. It vividly describes how our lives will change, from virtual reality to an on-demand economy and artificial intelligence embedded in everything we manufacture. He describes 12 technological forces like sharing, screening, flowing, questioning and interacting. While our clients were questioning their options on which candidate to vote for, more negative campaigning flew across the various screens, with one inevitable outcome on 9 November: a next US president...


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