The view - Connected Europe

Sometimes a different perspective changes everything. A new point of view, an experience shared or a fresh take on an old situation, is all that it takes to move things in another direction.

At ING Commercial Banking, we want you to find useful insights that help you to  establish your own view, and have a better understanding about the trends shaping the markets in Europe and globally.

We want to provide you with fresh perspectives about today’s fast-changing and increasingly complex world. By learning from the past and looking to the future - at the details or the big picture - you will be empowered to make better decisions about the opportunities and the threats you face, and to turn your vision into real progress for your business.

In The view, we reflect on Europe’s modern day economic journey; looking at the impacts and benefits of its growing integration, the emergence of new markets and how this new found connectivity has become a major driver for prosperity across the region.