Celebrating human versatility

In March 2017, ING launched a global and integrated brand campaign for its wholesale banking business based on the insight that successful client solutions are achieved by combining hard and soft skills. In this age of rapid change and digitalisation, it’s still the versatility and creativity of people that is the real differentiator in successfully doing business in the financial industry.

The format of the campaign is based on market research, where clients have identified ING’s people’s soft skills such as commitment, perseverance and dependability as the key differentiators to doing business with them. Using relevant client issues, in the form of equations, hard and soft skills are combined which lead to success.

Marleen Crooijmans, head of Global Marketing at ING Wholesale Banking: “Innovation is nothing without intuition and understanding. Digital tools can aid decision-making, but only the versatility of human beings can create true value. People need systems, but systems also need people. Together we leverage on new technological developments and foster human capabilities.“


progress = risk assessment + vision


transformation = new business model × culture


peace of mind = business opportunity + risk analysis


What is your equation for success in this disruptive world?

Numbers are only digits without the common denominator for success – people power. At ING we can help your business thrive by tapping into technology and innovation while harnessing the limitless potential of the human spirit.